Sonos Arc - Metallic Sound

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sebas1509 - I didn't realise you had a sub probably made makes all the difference

I turned it off for the test also I believe I had trueplay off as well

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I have the same issue, and the harshness gives me a buzz. As much I want to keep the ARC these issues are not helping. Its too bright,metallic sounding. 

For now, I have applied the band-aid called truplaying with iPad. Vocals still sound tinny to me. This is bad especially when Sonos said - “Arc was carefully tuned with the help of Oscar-winning sound engineers to emphasize the human voice so you never miss a word.” and “Featuring eleven high-performance drivers for crisp highs, dynamic midranges, and surprising bass.”

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I am praying the beta update fixes the sound or I will just end up packing up the ARC and the Sub and sending them back next week.

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Hi @Jean C. 

Thanks for continuing to listen.
I am one of those who moved from the beam to the arc and my setup is in a relatively large room (kitchen/living/dining combined). The beam, when paired with the sub and play1s, always sounded decent, but i was also aware that the beam was not intended for a space this large. That said, I generally thought the sound signature was fine, it was mostly just lacking in soundstage and maybe detail at higher volumes playing complex audio.
The arc can clearly address those issues, but has its own issue that has been described well in this thread, and really *seems* like a processing/eq issue to me, because the drivers and power don’t seem lacking, but it’s hard to tell without more control over the eq. That theory is certainly bolstered by how different the truplay tuning results can be. The last time I tuned with an older iPad, the overall balance of frequencies seems to have improved, but it’s hard to be certain without a more scientific approach. It went from really bothering me, to something I can tolerate, but still feel is not representative of what the hardware can do.

I still have my beam and have not spent the time to reconnect and do a/b testing yet. I would be willing to go through this exercise, especially if we could decide on a repeatable testing approach that maybe others could also follow. 

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Beagle  de alberta, If it bothers you so much that this person tries to fix your problem, please do not enter this forum, live their life and do not bother. I don't know what you're doing even here ... are you still here? You do not contribute anything friend.

I don’t have an issue with my Arc. Like 99% of owners mine is spectacular. 
if mine wasn’t performing to my liking I would change it. I wouldn’t go on a forum and complain about it constantly. 
Yes, I’m still here and not going anywhere. 
The solution is if you’re unhappy with the product then replace it. Why punish yourself?


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@arpatil1 On your suggestion I tried the tuning with iPhone 7 and honestly I do feel that the sound is thin or metallic anymore. I have tried both movies and music. I generally listen at level 40-50 that may be one of the reason. I havent found a reason to complain after my new trueplay settings. May be I am not able to hear the issues. I have the complete system with Arc, Surrounds and Sub. I had the surrounds, added Sub and Arc after selling my Bose Bundle. I have found the sound better than the Bose for sure. Could it be possible that you may have some hardware issues missed by Sonos QC. However, the one thing that I agree upon is the silence of Sonos team on this issue. This makes me feel nervous about the money I spent on Sonos. 

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Ok, third post on this thread. I finally sat down and re-tuned with an iPhone 6 running 12.0.2 (previously ipad pro 11” and iPad Air 2). I also decided to just sit on the couch and wave the phone around a bit rather than walk around. 

This is the first time I feel like the life wasn’t sucked out of the sound, and there is now some ok midrange. I can actually listen to music without it being distracting. I’ve only been through a few songs, but I’m more and more convinced that the right EQ can produce a good sound from the arc.

That doesn’t mean I’m ready to say I’m totally happy with it, and I’m still mulling over a return. I don’t like the lack of communication from Sonos. A few simple thing would go a long way:

  1. At least acknowledge how the arc sounds very different from other sonos speakers, that this is very disappointing to many customers, and open a dialogue about what can be done. 
  2. Talk about what, if any, investigation is going into why trueplay seems to be producing wildly different results. 
  3. Talk about providing more control over the system. Trueplay + Bass/Treble is fine for a default mode, but why not have an advanced mode with a proper manual EQ? Even if that would take a while to build, just say it’s coming. 

Totally agree, the sonos manager introduced himself however long ago and then never came back with anything since, more indication of what is going on in the background would put a lot of people at ease. @Scott - Sonos (11 days to be exact)

This. I could have given them one more month if it wasn’t for the lack of communication. Support staff (whatever that’s left) has been active on other threads, but they are not responding to two main threads- bass and metallic sound issue. 

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“The problem is with this, a lot of people need the update yesterday as people will be running to the end of there return windows and what do people do, hope that the update fixes it 100% and are happy with it or return it as its too much of a risk with how much it costs, and even if the update does help it, people may not be happy with it & it will be too late to return.”

That is a big part of the reason I returned mine, not knowing when or if Sonos will correct the problem.  I couldn't take the chance and just went back to my playbar which still sounds fantastic.

Yeah good decision as there is some risk in keeping it as there is no guarantee they will fix the sound to

your liking. 

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I use trueplay. To my ears, brightness and harshness is there even without trueplay. It’s more pronounced with trueplay. I have Arc + sub + 2 sonos ones. 
I tried trueplay with various devices: iphone 11 pro, ipad air latest gen, iphone 6s. The latter was the best, but still too harsh.

Exactly same setup and experience as me