PS5/SONOS ARC/X900. lpcm not loud enough

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Lpcm sound is considerably quieter than Dolby Digital plus 5.1 or other modes, annoying

 Is that normal or not?

Or maybe work in progress?

Is lpcm the best option for my setup , gaming on ps5?

Thanks everyone for helping in advance




Best answer by Rowena B. 8 December 2020, 21:03

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Hi @Finnlubbert 

Your Sonos Playbar does not support the playback of Multichannel LPCM audio, if that is what you are trying to play - only stereo PCM (which isn’t generally referred to as LPCM). Only Arc and Beam (Gen 2) support LPCM.

As a result, I am not entirely sure what it is that you are reporting - if it worked before the update, it wasn’t Multichannel LPCM, and combine that with you having a Playbar rather than an Arc, and you are off-topic for this thread. I recommend you start a thread of your own.

I hope this helps.