PS5/SONOS ARC/X900. lpcm not loud enough

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Hi @bignicknicknick 

Your Arc will basically be playing what it is told to play - if LPCM sounds different to other formats (soft and muddy), it’s because your Apple TV (or TV) is delivering it that way. Different hardware is decoding whatever came before LPCM (it’s unlikely that the source media contained a LPCM track), and that must be the reason for things sounding differently.

If volume is the only difference, however, I can only suggest altering the volume with the controls.

I hope this helps.

This thread is 2 years old and people are having issues with their ARC and many different devices while playing LPCM. 

It can’t be the Apple TV because other sound bars don’t sound low/muddy when paying LPCM. 

Very frustrating as we’re 2 years into a thread with various people saying the same thing and nothing being done about it.