Please add support for DTS for the Sonos Playbar.

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Will buy a playbar not before DTS is supported!
As I own also a Synology NAS it's on the one hand good news to know that DTS and DolbyDigital are supported by the optical output of Samsung/Plex. On the other hand it's a pity that DTS is not supported by the Sonos playbar. I hope that will change in the near future and I'm the next to buy a playbar.
That's right. In fact, the DTS is sent to optical even with any other DLNA server. (I have a Synology NAS with it's own media server). Tested on a video file with both DolbyDigital and DTS sound. I can choose the audio format from the TV menu and the sound is awsome with DD but with DTS is nothing coming from the playbar.. mute..:(.. I interpret this as the DTS is sent to the optical output but the playbar is unable to decode it. With tracks with only DTS I have the choice (from the TV menu) to convert them to PCM which is of course a bad choice for movies...
Ok, so movies streamed with the Samsung Plex App will have the DTS signal on the optimcal audio out of the Samsung TV? Is that so? I wasn't sure about that, but if this is the case the sonos playbar would be great for me too - but only if DTS is supported...
I own a Samsung D8000 model which sends DTS to the optical output. I have no TV channels with DTS audio tracks but the BlueRay rips with DTS sound won't play. (Haven't tested DTS from HDMI only rips played with Plex) BR
And which Input? Just TV - i think. HDMI Input probably not and whats about the Samsung Smart Hub App Plex?
I got the playbar this week and am unable to listen to most of my BluRay's due to this issue!
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That's interesting! Could you tell me the model? Thanks!
Yes, there are. My Samsung is passing through the DTS but to no use as the Playbar is keeping quiet 😞
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I had the Playbar home for a test, and found the lack of DTS to be a deal breaker. My TV (Panasonic VT50) is able to send DTS when you use it to play from a NAS, and 95% of the movies I've ripped only have the DTS track left on them. I never thought this would end up being a problem, as 14 years ago when I bought my first surround receiver, it had DTS support. I will definitely buy the Playbar + the sub if DTS is added.
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I question whether the SUB is even worthwhile without DTS support. If you're not getting a discrete 5.1 feed, you've lost the LFE channel. The PLAYBAR creates enough bass without the SUB and, with no LFE channel present, it may be overkill. Even my wife can clearly hear the difference between true 5.1 and upmixed 2.0
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My point is: no "real" 5.1 without the addition of DTS. Don't get me wrong. I'm fully aware of what Sonos thought when developing the Playbar. And I still think it's a great product which I'm going to give an extended test tomorrow at my local dealer; eventually may leading me to buy it... BUT: As long as there is no support for DTS I think I'm not going to spend money on Play:3s as surround speakers. Nonetheless I'm pretty sure Sonos will add DTS sooner or later 'cause the current state leaves something to be desired. 🙂 PS. Even though you won't get Dolby HD, DTS HD or all those fency stuff, because it's not possible via the optical out, you will get the core Dolby/DTS track no matter what. HD means essentially nothing more than adding some "new" features to the de-/encoder (except for bitrate etc.). But there will always be legacy support for the core features in every stream so output is possible and 9 out of 10 won't even hear a difference.
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I can't play any of my DTS DVDs/Blu-rays through playbar without this, please add
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There are no TVs on the market that support DTS I'm aware of. Nonetheless think of linking a BD-player directly (or through a splitter) that either puts out Bitstream (DD or DTS) or only 2.0 PCM. Playbar not supporting DTS means no sound at all if source is a DTS track or switching to 2.0 PCM for everything in most cases. Furthermore, DTS can be included with a firmware update and licenses should not be too expensive.
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Are there any TVs that support DTS? If so, I'm with you. My 3 TVs decode Dolby only.