Onkyo "Works with Sonos" issue - Please help

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I am having a problem with my brand new Onkyo TX-NR686 that is advertised as "Works with Sonos" actually connecting to my new Sonos Connect for the purpose of having the receiver turn on and the input switched so the Sonos Connect input. I have updated the Onkyo to the latest firmware. All my Sonos speakers and connects are at the latest 10.0 update. I connect the Sonos Connect to the CD analog inputs on the Onkyo like the instructional video specifies. I go through all the correct settings on the Onkyo as per the instructions. The Onkyo and Connect are on the same network and subnet. I have verified that I can see both units on my network. The Sonos system works fine and I can even manually turn on the Onkyo and change the input to CD and the Connect music comes through fine.

However the reason I bought it and the Connect is because of the "Works with Sonos" integration feature that automatically is supposed to turn on the Onkyo receiver and change inputs to the Sonos input when it detects music on that input.

I am a Network Administrator have have a Meraki Mesh WiFi system and an MX Meraki security appliance. I have two VLAN's and had to enable Spanning Tree settings on all may switches to be able to have multiple Sonos Connect:Amps connected to ethernet. My network works great, Sonos works great, the Onkyo connects to the internet and I can stream Spotify, Tidal, and Pandora on it. But it cannot find my Connect during setup. Both are connected wired to the same switch. I have tried putting both on WiFi and have even ran two long 100 ft ethernet cables directly to the router thus bypassing the managed switches to no avail.

Could the Meraki MX65 security appliance router be the issue? I have no way of testing on a different router. I have read elsewhere where some others have had similar problems after the Sonos 10.0 update. However neither Onkyo or Sonos have been able to verify if that is in fact an issue. They cannot figure it out after multiple calls to each.

If someone on here is running and Onkyo and has the "Works with Sonos" working after Sonos update 10.0 please let me know so I can exclude the software upgrade as the issue.

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Not yet. Waiting for a firmware update from either Sonos or Onkyo. I’m still using the workaround solution.

Hi Everyone - I wanted to give my quick feedback of the Works with Sonos capabilities included in the Onkyo TX-NR696.  Even though this thread did not instill my confidence with the integration, I got a great deal on an open box unit, so decided to take the risk.  This is one of the few units that added the “Volume Pass-Through” capability, so decided to try it out.  

My setup: LG OLED connected via HDMI ARC to Onkyo.  Sonos Connect → TOSLINK to Onkyo.  Apple TV → HDMI to Onkyo.  Both Onkyo and Sonos Connect are hardwired Ethernet to my router. 

Works with Sonos review: 

  • Onkyo does turn on and chooses the right input when I start music through the iPhone Sonos app.
  • Volume control from the Sonos app does control the receiver volume.  There is a little bit of delay, however (about a second).  When I was powering my speakers with a Sonos Amp, the volume could be adjusted instantly.  I can deal with it. 
  • Onkyo will NOT go into standby when I stop playing music.  I tried all of the different tips in this thread (Zone 2 output, standby settings, etc.).   If anyone has gotten this working, please let me know!

Apple TV works great, too.  If I turn the Apple TV on with the remote, the LG TV will turn on and the Onkyo will switch inputs.  And if I put the Apple TV to sleep, it WILL turn off the TV and put the Onkyo into standby.  

Hope this helps!

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I just got off the phone with Onkyo support and they finally acknowledged that the new Sonos 10.0 update broke the Works With Sonos Onkyo integration. They told me they had a few other similar calls about it and that they were going to escalate the issue and will roll out a new firmware in the future. No timeline was given and they told me to manually turn on and switch input for now. I am fine with that if it will be fixed eventually.

In the meantime I learned how to use IFTTT to integrate multiple Zwave and WiFi devices. I was able to place a widget button on my phone that will turn on the receiver and switch the input to CD via Harmony Hub and also start playing a specific Sonos Favorite list on a specific Sonos group at a specific volume level just by pressing the button widget. My next step is to somehow do the same by pressing the Play/Pause hardware button on the Lutron Caseta Audio Pico remote. If I can achieve this then it would be better than Works With Sonos because it would also turn off my Onkyo when I pause the music. I have been able to achieve this already by sending email alerts to IFTTT which in turn triggers multiple applets to achieve this. I just need to find a way to integrate Lutron Caseta Smart controller in. It is compatible with IFTTT but has no triggers on the Audio remote.
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Seems so!


Or … sort of works with Sonos. Sometimes. Maybe...

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So an update to this and a possible culprit. 


I abandoned the Pioneer VSX-934 and returned it. Shockingly bad support from Pioneer.


I’ve gone for the Onkyo TX-NR696. Updated to the latest firmware R113-0404-1130-0026 and Sonos 10.6. The wakeup feature works reliably through Ethernet. However via wireless it does not function. I am beginning to think that the wireless network is the issue with these units. I have Meraki wireless with no blocking present. When I get a moment I will setup another base station ands see if the issue persists. 


To anyone setting this up - if you are using wireless and having issues. It is likely the wireless that is the culprit I have found. 


Now I have the same issue as @Gladiator1984 in that my Onkyo AMP doesn’t turn off after it is used. 


So one issue down and another created :-(


Once I get a moment to test the wireless and see if it is localised to Meraki or wireless in general i’ll report back. I am also going to open a support case with Onkyo regarding this and will repost when I hear something!

I had all kinds of problems with Works with SONOS from random shutdowns to not turning on at all. I have spent hours experimenting with different settings to the point where it appears that I finally have everything working correctly.

Last month, I upgraded from Onkyo TX-NR555 to Pioneer VSX-LX503 to get the Works with SONOS feature. The Pioneer is attached to a SONOS Port. The other speakers are a SONOS 5 Gen 2 and 2 SONOS Play 1s. SONOS software version 11.0 and Pioneer firmware 1071-0000-1060-0011. Looks like the menus between the Onkyo and Pioneer are pretty similar. 

Go to System Setup then->

Input/Output->Analog Input - Audio1 - Mine is attached to the BD/DVD via RCA cable.

Hardware->Works with SONOS->OutZone:Main/Z2 - This was the key for me because I originally had it set to Main only since I don’t have anything hooked up to Zone 2. Regardless, when it was set only to Main it would just turn itself off and go into standby after a few hours while SONOS was still playing on the other speakers. This fixed it for me!

Hardware->Power Management->Network Standby On - If this is set to off then it won’t turn on at all.

Hardware->Power Management->Auto Standby On - This one is pretty obvious but after I stop playing SONOS music from the app the Pioneer goes into standby mode after 20 mins. When I press play on the app it turns itself on again.

AVR and SONOS must also be on same Wi-Fi network. 

That’s my setup and everything appears to be working as intended. Hopefully, this helps somebody out. Cheers!

Hey Steelstar,

Yes….I have Main/Z2 selected under Outzone on Works with SONOS and it still goes into standby in 20 mins if I pause SONOS. I know what you’re saying though….in the Pioneer Owner’s manual it clearly states: "Auto Standby does not work when Zone 2/Zone 3 is active” which is a complete contradiction. Yet, I clearly have Z2 illuminated on my Pioneer front display???!!! All I know if I switch off Z2 and just use Main it will go into standby on it’s own.

Hi. Are you saying that your unit will go  to stand by even if you have zone 2 switched on? I have a Onkyo TX-RZ696 and with zone 2 or zone 3 ON the unit will never go to standby (this is clearly specified in the manual too).

Maybe Pioneer and Onkyo receivers have not the same behaviour? It would be interesting to understand this.


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Support request logged with Sonos and Pioneer 


Can the other people having this issue please do the same, log with Sonos and Pioneer / Onkyo 


For Pioneer this is the necessary form. 


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I am having no such luck currently. My setup is broken and nobody is interested. I am finding it very frustrating. 


Sonos support have been amazingly unhelpful 


They took a diagnostic and said everything is fine on the Sonos end. Thats the end of what they can and will do. I have enquired why this issue has only occurred after an update. Are other people having issues. Their response was to ignore the update question despite it being asked twice and say that they don’t know of other users having issues. I have pointed them to this thread. 


Sonos. This is a feature you have made available (rightly so) but you don’t seem to know anything about it or how it works. You also don’t seem to care that it doesn’t work. 


Couldn’t be more disappointed and annoyed by this at the moment. 

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Keeping this alive. No meaningful response from Pioneer and they’ve stopped responding. 


Sonos haven nothing to add and say to speak with Pioneer. 


The result is the system and integration doesn’t work

Just got off the phone with Onkyo re this same problem. They couldn't solve the issue. Tried updating the Sonos system software, soft-resets, hard-resets, etc., etc. This is getting really old!
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strange, but there is absolutely no support for this issue! Hey Sonos!

Right! I am going to call both Sonos and Onkyo again today to see if they have any updates. If I can't resolve it by tomorrow I will either return both items to Amazon or figure another smart home way of turning on my Onkyo and changing the input to CD when I press play on either my Lutron Caseta Audio Pico or my iPort Xpress.

Anyone have any ideas on how I can achieve this? I have a Harmony Hub that can control my Onkyo but I cannot find a way for either the Xpress or the Lutron Caseta to send a control command to my Harmony Hub. I may need to use a middle smart hub that can work with both. Any recommendations are greatly appreciated. It is frustrating that I may need to resort to this considering the supposed integration feature being pushed and advertised by both companies. And I do not want to use Alexa (staying away for privacy reasons).
Did you ever find a solution to get "Works with SONOS" to find your Sonos Connect?

I have the same problem here with an Onkyo TX-NR686.

All settings are according to the manual, but the receiver can't find the Sonos Connect.

I'm pretty sure my network is setup correctly, as both devices have a pingable IP from my local router and I can see and select the Sonos Connect and my Sonos Speakers as a music server from the NET-Input of the receiver.
Same here, official reaction/support/fix would be much appreciated!
Definitely broken integration between Onkyo and Sonos with new Sonos update
So gutted this is broken, it was the only reason I bought an Onkyo receiver. The first reply from Sonos I got stated:

"We are aware of this and are working on it please accept my apologies for the inconvenience"

The next response from another advisor at Sonos through up this different response:

"Thank you for getting back to us. This integration is something we offer to many manufacturers as an "open-source" way of connecting their devices to Sonos. With that, we would like to ensure that the Sonos side of things is working as expected and if so, we recommend reaching out to Onkyo to have them look into why the receiver is no longer communicating with Sonos"

Go figure..
That statement from Sonos makes no sense as onkyo firmware was not updated, automatically or manually. Can someone confirm same?
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Sonos changed the xml data they send for Groups, which causes third party software to not find any players any more. Why they changed this is a mystery, but it broke almost everything (except my stuff?). It certainly puts into question the validity of the whole "Works with Sonos" program.
I had the same issue with the onkyo TX-NR686. The latest onkyo firmware fixed the issue for me.
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Sorry for the delay i’ve been away and not able to get time using this. 



  1. My unit will not shutdown when on the Sonos under any circumstances. If I turn it on, or if the unit is activated by a Connect. It will never enter auto standby mode. I have tested this using the standard phono L+R connections into the CD source. Interestingly this is not a problem if I am using the  Airplay feature. The AMP powers down when using this correctly. I have read the manual and adjusted all of the settings as Onkyo say.
  2. I am also experiencing the drops in audio you are. 3-5 seconds that just go missing from being output. I am connected via CAT6 as well and the issue persists

I haven’t experienced the shut downs you have. But then Ive not been using the system as it isn’t working properly. Having to turn it off every time is pointless for me as it is not accessible. 

I am logging a case with Onkyo about this, as its not good enough to use the AMP. Currently I have a feeling this unit is going to be going back as well :-( 

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Hi Gladiator, 


It sounds like your unit is managing to do the powering on and not loosing connectivity which is a good start!


The auto power off not working I haven’t heard about before. That function works reliably on my amp. Though its useless as the wake and set input doesn’t work! 


Sounds like something you should check with Onkyo 

@Sedicivalvole: Good to know it is not me or it is an incidental issue, but of course I am sorry for you. Great progress for so far, thanks for the update!

The past month I had time to analyse the Onkyo and all its functions fully. My relevant experience and conclusions up to now:

- the automatic on and off has in Onkyo menu some options regarding TV/SAT and best is to keep them switched on for keeping the modern functionality. The switching on and of works excellent with the TV. 100% result every time the TV was switched on/off.

- Switching on other equipment during tv watching, including the sonos, also works perfectly with a 100% reliability score. 

Therefore I doubt if the switching off error is related to the onkyo.

The options could therefore be:

- something in the software/hardware regarding the SONOS signal via OPTIC. --> I will check this week if the problem also arises with the regular tulip plugs.

- The signal from the Sonos is when lost (when music stops), not defined as a "switched off". What would be logical because else the Onkyo stereo would switch off (and later on) during breaks, pauzes and other (manual) started interruptions of the sonos output. 

Is the Onkyo cleared: no.

I ran into two issues that for now are considered as small inconveniences. I don't think they are directly related to this issue, but there is an interesting twist. 

A. The autoshutdown energy is not working as I am expecting. It for sure does not kick in hours after the sonos stopt playing music. So I cannot rely on this function to shut down the Onkyo automatically some time after the Sonos has stopt playing. 

B. Every day during 17pm and 19pm the Onkyo shuts down regulary and randomly when listening to Sonos. Some days up to 10 times in this period. Is does not happend outside this time border and it does not happen when listening to any other source. It only happends with the Sonos and the catch of the story: the fucking sonos keeps on playing its music uninterrupted even when de Onkyo has switched off itself hahaha

C: Other issues of the sonos/onkyo in this setting is that approx  3-7 times per day (6 hours of play) the sound output stops, but the Onkyo is on and the Sonos keeps on playing (without sound output). After 3-5 seconds it continues by itself playing the music, but the gap you missed because the music continued playing for the system itself. 

You would think it is WiFi related, but all equipment are hardwired and the connection is in the Netherlands, optic fiber 2018 grid nearby Amsterdam and inhouse all CAT6 cables...

So this issue could be the sonos losing temporary its fysical output (while the system thinks it is still playing) or it is the Onkyo that has a software hardware issue. This comes up only with Sonos output and doesn't happen in any form when listing to another input channels. No short temporary loss of audio.

I have an Onkyo TX RZ830 and a Sonos Connect - both updated to the latest firmware on each. If I reboot (as in remove power cord) the Onkyo, and run through the setup menu, it will find the Sonos Connect at it's IP address and then the "works with Sonos" functionality works - for maybe 3 or 4 times, then it stops. If you return to the setup menus in Onkyo, it says no Sonos device found. It's been this way since I purchased the Onkyo in April, through multiple code upgrades on each.

Like others, the only reason I purchased the Onkyo Receiver was for this functionality.
Have you contacted Onkyo for assistance? Given the lack of other complaints here in the Sonos forums, it leads me to think that it may be an issue on their side, rather than on the Sonos side. Especially as you've done what I consider to be the normal troubleshooting step of checking firmware updates.

I suppose it might be wifi interference between the two devices, since I don't know how you have them connected, or even a rarer duplicate IP address issue, since it seems intermittent.