LG Remote doesnt control volume with Arc

I have a 2020 LG CX TV with an Arc, 2 Ones and a sub that has been working fine for a year.  Earlier today, the sound stopped coming through the Sonos speakers.  I was able to get the sound to work through the speakers but the LG remote no longer controls the volume.  I have tried the manual setup controls from other threads but it doesn’t work.  Also, if I try to set up the TV in the Sonos app, I get an error that the Arc Mode is not connected but it is.

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I have exactly the same problem since I replaced my Panasonic plasma TV last weekend with an Oled LG65G2.

I will try the solutions suggested here. 🙏🏻

I had the same problem, I thought my remote was broken and bought a new one but it was useless. What a waste :(


I had already unplugged my Apple TV some time ago, so knew that couldn’t be the issue. And I had no devices connected to the TV…. Or did I….

On the end of my HDMI 3 cable, I had an Apple Mac HDMI to USB-C adapter. You know the ones… white… take Macbook port to HDMI, power and standard USB. No Macbook was connected. No “device”. Just an adapter...

Unplugged it a hey presto….


Thank you so much for posting this!  Just had the same issue.  What made things worse, everything seemed to be working if I had my MacBook connected to the USB-C adapter even if I wasn’t using it or that input.  I’d remove the MacBook, forget about, have volume failures, go through the “power cycle everything” steps, and presto things worked again….until I attached and detached my MacBook again.

I just noticed it might be an issue with the combination of Apple adapter and Apple TV even though they are on different inputs.   I recently started having “You haven’t setup your remote” messages on my Apple TV when I tried adjusting the volume via the Apple TV Remote.  It appears to be the same issue...it happens after I connect the usb-c adaptor.

What I’ve noticed is the “Turn On Your TV with Your Remote” option in the Apple TV settings turns into a “Control TVs and Receivers” option once the usb-c adapter is added on another HDMI cable.  That’s when the volume control on my LG Remote and Apple Remote stop working.

I have a feeling the adapter has its own volume control system from the good old days when MacBooks shipped with an Apple Remote so you could adjust volume and play/pause media remotely. 

Posting all these details here in case someone else starts having the same issues.