How to connect my TV to the Sonos system?

  • 5 November 2018
  • 3 replies

I have two Play 1's and one Play 5. I am wondering, how can I connect my existing TV to my Sonos system so that I can play sound from Netflix through my Sonos speakers? My TV is not a SmartTV. Is this possible or do I need to buy something else to connect them?

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3 replies

Depends on whether your TV has an analog audio out port of some kind. Either part of a Component connection, or even a headphone jack. You'd connect that output to the line-in on the PLAY:5, and get audio in to the Sonos system in that manner. Of course, any analog line in has a slight delay on it, of a minimum of 70ms, and sometimes more, depending on the settings you choose, so you may have an issue with lipsync with your TV.

This is one of the reasons (I think) that Sonos came out with the PLAYBAR, PLAYBASE, and Beam, all of which have digital line ins, which don't have the same penalty of a delay.
Thank you. I will get the Beam and try it out
Just to be sure, your TV will need either an HDMI- ARC port, or an optical output on it.