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Hi all. I used my Sonos home theatre to play some music today. After, I switched on the telly and wanted to watch. The sound will not work now. It comes through the system when I select the TV as the source. It won't work if I select the BT TV box. Was working fine before I played music. Anyone got any ideas?

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Straight after the 7.3 update I started getting problems like this. When watching Tivo it will start with sound and then if I change channel it can go randomly. Same with switching to music and back. Music always works and sometimes is the fix for the TV (watching channel with no sound, play some music and go back to TV and sound returns). Not just Tivo, Fire TV has the same random issue. Also my Harmony is very hit and miss on whether it controls volume or not.
I have the same issue. My music or amazon video plays. But no sound on TV (Verizon Fios)
I'd double check the audio settings in the TV for the feed that you're not getting sound on. I'd be willing to bet that it's putting out something other than Dolby Digital, perhaps DTS, or Dolby Digital +
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For me, no. Only options on the Virgin Media supplied Tivo box are Dolby Digital or Dolby Digital to PCM and it was still on the DD setting as before. I'm sure I once spotted a message on the Sonos app on my phone saying "Unsupported Audio format" but it only did that once.

Also going to Menu seems to correct it most of the time. I'd put it down to a Tivo problem only it's doing it on Fire TV as well and they do not follow the same audio path (Fire TV has no Toslink so I have a HDMI audio splitter in line and then a 4 port HDMI/optical switch to maintain 5.1 surround sound) The Switch is obviously common to both but the fact that it's fixed by juggling channels or menus or Sonos music/TV is making me think it's not at fault. That and it suddenly happening after the 7.3 update.

I did update my Harmony Ultimate and Hub and thought that had fixed it but it started happening again last night.

Sorry for hijacking your post OP. Not sure if my symptoms are the same but sounded similar.
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Hey guys, we're working on an issue on this thread that could be related.

If you're still having trouble, can you please submit a diagnostic from your Sonos system and reply back with your confirmation number?

This is my diagnostic number
Not very through Sonos
No TV through Sonos
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Thanks for the update, repka2palas1. Since you were working with our team on this already through that ticket, let's continue troubleshooting there. We'll update the ticket for you with some notes and an agent will be in touch in the morning. We'll talk to you soon!
I have asked for a call back as was on hold earlier for twenty minutes!!!
Same issue.....1047511805
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Same issue.....1047511805

Hi Hopeitup,

I'm not seeing a whole lot in your diagnostic report. Perhaps you could give a bit more detail into what's happening. Normally, if you have TV autoplay enabled in the room settings menu of the Sonos app, your PLAYBAR should switch from music to TV audio when you turn the TV on. If your TV is already on, you may have to select the TV audio source from the app to switch over.