Dolby Atmos causing audio on Arc to "pop" then cuts out

  • 8 November 2021
  • 82 replies

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82 replies

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Can you play Atmos content directly from the TV through Netflix and see if you still have the same issue. Need to rule out the TV or Apple device first. 

Honestly, it sounds (sorry, pun not intended) like a switching problem in the TV set itself, not in the Apple TV or Sonos. The Sonos would be playing whatever is sent down the line from the TV. I’d be double checking for updates of the TV’s OS. 

After checking the cables and resetting the Apple TV I am still running into the same issue. 

Got it. I know I’m running the latest TVOS. I’ll check the cable and possibly reset the Apple TV and report back later this afternoon. 

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OK…so check the HDMI cable for the ATV, make sure it’s running the latest TVOS and/or reset the ATV if necessary.

Yes, Dolby Atmos is enabled on the AppleTV Settings. When I turn Atmos off in the ATV settings I don’t have the issue at all. It only happens when Atmos is enabled and playing. I’ve verified each time its only in Atmos that causes the issue by checking in the Sonos app and Atmos was shown as playing. 

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Check the Audio settings in the AppleTV 4K box. Make it’s set to Auto Dolby Atmos available. I believe that’s the setting… I’m not at so I can’t verify the the exact wording the setting.