Dolby 5.1 with Beam and ceiling surrounds

I have a rather large collection of Sonos Connect:Amps driving ceiling speakers throughout my home and outdoor speakers.  The Home theater is currently using a traditional surround sound receiver and not on the Sonos network.  There is an existing center channel, sub and (4) ceiling speakers.  None on Sonos.

I’d like to get everything in my home over to Sonos.

Is it possible to set up a Beam as the center channel from

the TV via VIA ARC and use (2) Gen 2 Connect:Amp’s for the front and rear surround ceiling speakers?

Will the ceiling speakers be usable for normal whole house audio fill?

Will I be able to pull the TV audio from the Beam as a source for Sonos units throughout the house so I can hear the game outside or in other rooms?



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No.  Like all soundbars, the Beam has the front Left/Center/Right on a single enclosure.  It is not designed to be a center speaker. 

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And Sonos cannot/does not enable use as a center in it’s software.