Connecting Beam to Roku / TV.

  • 12 September 2020
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I have a 2013 Samsung 55” FH6003 LED TV that does not support CEC nor have an optical port.  I want to integrate the Sonos Beam with the TV and build a surround sound.  I have a Roku Ultra as the service provider.  I have added a KanexPro HDMI Audio Extractor between the Rodu Ultra and the TV.  Video out of KanexPro to TV is great via HDMI.  But I do not seem to be getting the audio from the KanexPro to the Sonos Beam via optical cable.  When I try to connect the beam to the TV (which is actually direct to the Roku Ultra through the Kanex Pro) the app does not read the signal.  Any help, ideas or comments would be greatly appreciated.

1 reply

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Hi @Greg Friant, welcome to the Sonos Community!

I understand that you want to connect the Beam to your TV and I’ll be working with you now. 

First, I need to know how do you connect the Roku and KanexPro to your TV? 

Just to let you know that the Beam should always be connected directly to the TV using HDMI-ARC or optical connection.

In your case, you may want to check this thread links that would be helpful.

When using an optical connection, attach the optical adapter to one end of the HDMI cable which would be inserted into the optical-out of the Digital to Optical converter box. Attach the remaining end of the HDMI cable to the Beam. Follow the instructions in the Sonos app to complete the Beam setup and check the TV's Audio Menu and set the sound to digital-out. Your choices may be Dolby Digital (DD.51), PCM (Stereo), or others. Select Dolby Digital if available; if not select PCM. Other choices or variations of Dolby Digital will not work. 

Let us know if this helps. We and the community are always here to help.