Problems with Google Assistant on Sonos One


I've owned a pair of Sonos One for about 2-3 months now and they are amazing. Especially since Google Assistant launched for Sonos speaker in the Netherlands last month. The first few weeks were very good and I had little complaints. But since 1-2 weeks Google Assistant stop responding to even the most basic questions. Only when I stand next to the speaker that has the voice enabled and I talk really slow she sometimes understands what I mean.

We have our Google Assistant in English, since my girlfriend is Swedish. Even tho there is bilingual support in Google Assistant there is no way to name rooms/devices in Dutch and Swedish. So we choose the middle ground and set everything in our house in English.

I've already tried the following:
  • Setting it too Dutch. It's now in dutch and it's far from perfect. But she does seem to respond a bit better now. But this is not a solution.
  • Rebuild my entire home in the Google Home App
  • Factory Reset both my Sonos One Speakers
I'm getting a bit desperate in finding a solution, since we spend the money on these speakers to use it with voice function and control of our house.

Does anyone have a solution for this? Or even the same experience that there was a sudden change in functionality of the Google Assistant on Sonos One or other products? Especially if there are any Dutch people experiencing the same problem.

Thanks in Advance,

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Hi Kevin, I'm experiencing exactly the same. Since a few weeks the assistant is completely unreliable. Before the launch in the Netherlands I used a US address in my Sonos and it worked like a charm. It was above expectations to be honest. Since a few weeks and a million attempts to fixing it it's working maybe 1 in 10 commands. It's driving me totally crazy because it was so nice to have the working situation. I saw another thread with the same issue. Also a Dutch user. I factory rebooted everything. Including the Google assistant on my phone. Nothing helps. I hope Sonos can clear things up because I'm out of ideas
Exactly the same, also dutch and in english and dutch the speaker. Half of the time the speaker doesn't respond to my commands, and when I ask to turn on a scene, which it can, it says: that hasn't been setup yet..
Worked good for a while but now only frustration. And the thing is, my google home mini DOES return the commands correctly that I say, so it's sonos..
Hi Kevin, I have exactly the same problem - is there any solution? I know it is Sonos problem it assist works fine on my phone. Willem

See my reply to your post here... just wondering what the feedback was from Sonos and if you’ve perhaps explored some of the things mentioned?
I have the same problem. But i bought the Sonos One just today, so i thought i was bevause of my own faults during the installation. Very strange: the first 10 mimutes no issues with the assistent but now it doesnt answer anymore.
And it's a sonos problem cause google home mini responds perfectly
Hi the same here. I also bought the One recently and are a fan of both Sonos (for years) and Google Assistant (for one year). I also have an LG and Sonos Home mini and both are performing better as the ONE. It is slow, recognise my voice not all the time. Also functionality is not the same as LG: for example the translation mode.

Try in Dutch "Google help me om Engels te spreken". You can then use the Mini of LG as translator from Dutch to English and English to Dutch at the samen session. This does not work on the ONE. Why??

Also if you look at the Voice Match settings, only my LG and Home mini are listed, no ONE. Although I tried reinstalling, train again the Match option etc.

I'm disappointed to be honest and would expect a better product from Sonos, hope they correct soon.
Same problem with my Sonos One's.

It feels like the Google Assistant software on Sonos is many versions behind the one available on Google devices.

You would think that with the massive delay on getting Google Assistant available on Sonos that it would be a perfect integration by now... reality is far from that.
The Google assistant lives in the cloud, not on the individual devices. The devices just provide a method by which you voice gets transmitted to the cloud processes.
The Google assistant lives in the cloud, not on the individual devices. The devices just provide a method by which you voice gets transmitted to the cloud processes.

Thanks! You're right indeed. :)

Regardless, I am turning off the mic on my One's and putting back my Google Home Mini.

Hopefully, Sonos will do better in the (near) future.
The Google assistant lives in the cloud, not on the individual devices. The devices just provide a method by which you voice gets transmitted to the cloud processes.
Hi Airgetlam,

You're completely right with that, but still the support in the different devices is different. The Sonos One reacts as it a Google Assistant service from a smartphone but not as a Smartspeaker. That's why this is so strange. Why is there a difference? What is causing this? I also have a LG Smartspeaker which is reacting exactly the same as the Google Home mini.

Another example. Ask Google on the Sonos One 'what is the latest news'. Have of the times It does not answer and also in the activities there is no logging. There is no other smartspeaker on the same floor even. And the second is that you can't stop the broadcast by saying 'Hey Google, stop', it just stops for a moment and then resumes.
On the LG and Google Home mini this works everytime.😥