I can't reach the internet right now

  • 29 November 2019
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I am constantly getting the “I can’t reach the internet right now” from Google Assistant (GA) running on both my Sonos One speakers.  GA on my phone has no such issues and neither do three Google Home Minis in my home.  The speakers themselves have Wifi connections because I can use the Sonos app to play musing on them with no issues.   Suggestions?


This is quite annoying.   I bought two One’s in December 2017 only because of the promis of GA availability in the near future, then had to put up with the constant delays from Sonos to the point where I had forgotten all about this.  A few weeks ago I realized that GA for Sonos is finally out and installed it, only to get these issues.  Have no interest in Alexa, Amazon already knows way too much about me to give them yet more information.

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4 replies

And it gets even worse.  I reset all the speakers, recreated a new sonos system and attempted to add to Google Assistant.  Now I am told that I need to enable to Sonos task in GA but when I do so I get an error message 


“Register your speakers to your xxx Sonos account.  Go to More>Settings>Account Settings in the Sonos app”. 


Only one problem - there is no “More>Settings>Account Settings” option in the most recent cersion of the Sonos app.  Sonos used to be such an easy system to set up, now it is a hot mess. I am seriously rethinking my hardware options.

After 3+ hours on the phone with a CSR who really tried to do good but was untilmately not super competent, I was able to get this working by myself with the following set of hacks:

  1. Hard-wire a single Sonos One to AT&T router - this is needed to maintain integrity of the Sonos network and is critical for the success of step 4 below
  2. Configure Orbi as an access point.  This is critical, otherwise you will get all sorts of clashes and things will not work.  Many vidoes show you how to do this, this is but one of them
  3. Leave 2.4 GHz antenna on AT&T router active, give it a unique name. My Orbi network SSID is XXX1 and the AT&T router is XXX2 (XXX=my initials)
  4. Transfer the Sonos network to the AT&T SSID (XXX2 in my case).  Many ways to do this, one of them is
  5. Power down all Sonos speakers for 10s then power up again
  6. Add voice servcice to the One’s you want them on
  7. Disconnect hard wired Sonos from roouter
  8. Profit

By the way, in the process of futzing with this I (belatedly) discovered how much better Alexa is than Google Home.  More skills, smoother operation, better functionality - particulartly with Sonos, where Alexa will allow you to control older speakers.  I am dumping all my Google Home Minis and replacing them with Echo Dots as a result.

Wow. This is definitely a task for a Groovy Geek! 

I have the same problem (although not on AT&T but Vodafone in the UK) – GA super flaky on Sonos One and often saying ‘I can’t connect to the internet’ yet no problem streaming music via the app and no problem with the internet either. Overall voice recognition completely impredictable – not a patch on our Google Home that works like it should.

Any Sonos people out there to help with some decent advice that doesn’t require a degree in IT?

Having the same problem. 
I can connect to Sonos on my local WiFi, the app and speaker won’t connect to the internet. 

Beginning to hate all things cloud connected.