Google - sorry i can’t find what you asked for with TuneIn

I don’t think there has been an answer on this one?  I have seen may people have asked.  Until last week I was able to ask my google home mini to ‘Hey Google - play <insert radio station> on Play 5. Google would say “ok, playing <radio station name> on Play 5.  Now, its says “ok, playing <radio station name> on Play 5…. sorry i can’t find what you asked for.  driving me mad.  Has anyone found the answer?  Have uninstalled the voice service from the Sonos app.  Have take off and re-added Tunein. 

Diagnostic:  534294251


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Try unplugging the Play:5 from power for about a minute and rebooting your router.

thanks @GuitarSuperstar  but that didn’t help.  TuneIn plays fine on the google home itself. Just Sonos can’t start it on any of my speakers.  



Hey community.  Just checking, does someone from Sonos look at this forum?

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Hi @Boogietommo1 

Your diagnostics did not come through properly. This usually indicates an issue with the network.

Are you able to play your radio station via the Sonos app? If you can’t do this, Google Assistant won’t be able to play it on Sonos, regardless of how well Google Assistant is working.


Hi Corry.  Yes the radio plays perfectly well via the app.  And for the last 3 or 4 years, the google assistant has managed to play the radio without a problem.  Until this week. 

Just sent the diagnostics again.  1475569843


also, I can ask the google assistant to do other music control request without a problem.  E.g. “hey google, play Matt Corby on Play 5, or Kitchen, or Mia’s Room etc”.  No issue, plays what I want.  As soon as I ask for radio (any station) I get “sorry i can’t find what you asked for”

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Hi @Boogietommo1 

Thanks for all the details. That diagnostic came through correctly too.

Unfortunately, as the request is coming from a non-Sonos product, there isn’t any sign of it being made.

I notice you have Google Assistant installed on your Sonos One - do voice commands to play radio stations work when given to it instead of to your Google Home Mini?

If not, I’d recommend unlinking Sonos from your Google Home app:

  • Open Google Home app and select the following:
  • + in the top-left corner
  • Set up device
  • Works with Google
  • Sonos
  • Unlink account

Then select the search button in the top-right and find Sonos. Re-link Sonos to Google and test. If it works on the Sonos One, try on the Google Home Mini.

I hope this helps.





Hi Corry.  Yes I have the Google Assistant installed on one of my Sonos One’s - I checked this morning and no, it is the same on that - voice commands won’t play radio stations.


So, followed your steps above. Removed the assistant from the Play One (Ava’s Room).  Went through the process of setting it up again.  All works well, apart from asking it to play a radio station. “Sorry, I can’t find what you asked for”….


Just ran diagnostics again so you can see that the problem is on the Play 1 (not just the home mini’s):  1668598992 

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Hi @Boogietommo1 

Unfortunately, that diagnostic did not reach us properly either. I recommend you get in touch with our technical support team, who have tools at their disposal that will allow them to give you advice specific to your Sonos system and network.

Just for anyone following this, looks like the issue is with the radio station that I am trying to play.  we managed to get certain stations to play via the Google Assistant, but it couldn’t find some others. Nova 96.9 refuses to play.  Thanks Sonos for narrowing it down.  

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Hi @Boogietommo1 

Thanks for the update!