Google Assistant support in Malaysia

  • 29 January 2020
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Hi, I saw the announcement of Google Assistant in Singapore - when will it be rolled out to Malaysia?


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24 replies

@xin Welcome to the Sonos Community. Sorry for the slow response to your posted question. Though I am unable to discuss the road-map of future Sonos products and features. I will forward your suggestion along as a feature request.. At this time, you are welcome to track this potential availability for Google Assistant in you region through the Sonos Community Announcements or using this link for the supported Google regions article.

Hi Sonos, when do Google Assistant available in Malaysia On Sonos because I’m looking for sound bar with the support of assistant. I found a JBL sound bar with the support of assistant, I might decide to choose JBL if Sonos still do not support it.  

Finally, I find the correct place to speak out. Sonos, when can u release google assistant in Malaysia ? I bought a sonos one and the assistant is not supported at here. I don’t want to waste my extra money for the far-field mics if the assistant are even not supported. I recommend Sonos release it as soon as possible.


I would like this too thanks


I didn't check ahead. Bought a beam and there's no Google assistant. When is it coming? I wouldn't have bought it if I had known.  Do advise pls.

I strongly support this as I have already been using Google Assistance in Malaysia 

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@Alvinchan2010 @Paul Tang If you change the country you live in in your profile on the Sonos website ( to a country where GA is available (i.e. the U.S., the U.K. or the Netherlands) your speakers will update in a short while and GA will become available.

@106rallye does it really work that way? I'll give it a try.

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It did last year. Just try, you can always change back.

It did last year. Just try, you can always change back.

I jz tried. It works.

@106rallye @cweikhiang i tried (change location in my profile) but I couldn’t add any other services besides music services on my iPhone. I’m wondering if I need an android phone instead to connect to google assistant / voice services?)

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@orinoco Not even after you've given your system some time to sync with Sonos?

Since Googel Assistant is something between your Sonos device and Google any phone that can run de Sonos app, the Google Home app and the Google Assitant app can be used to set it up  -after that you won't have to use your phone for GA. The phone can be iOS or Android.

@106rallye got it! Had some trouble getting the GA app on my iPhone in the first place. But now all sorted. Thanks for the tips!

@106rallye updated my profile per your suggestion, but I can't ADD GA as GA is not listed in the ADD A SERVICE.  It's been 2hours since the profile update

@Paul Tang that happened to me too. Till I realised that need to have GA app on my phone first before it can appear on Sonos app, it took some workaround to do that (changing App Store to whichever country where GA is available, then I was able to download GA). Once I did that, then everything else should be seamless. Hope that helps!

Hi guys, am also trying on the workaround as per you guys suggested. May i know which country is best to change to get GA services? UK?

@yoonsung i used SG store

@orinoco i changed to spore in my sonos profile (as per @106rallye advice) 6 hours ago but till now voice service is still unvailable. I already have GA working properly in my andriod phone and also able to control google nest properly. What else can i do? Thanks and sorry for the trouble.

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Provided you are trying to add GA the right way (, I’m out of options…....

@106rallye Am following exactly the same process but unfortunately voice service option doesn’t even appear.  Maybe because I am using the S2 app…..

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That shouldn't be the problem. As I said: I'm out of options on this. Good luck!

i would not have bought sonos one if i knew it didnot support alexa nor google assistant. when would this service be coming over to malaysia ?

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Have you tried the above solution?

Hi, I saw the announcement of Google Assistant in Singapore - when will it be rolled out to Malaysia?

Yes please. Without voice assistant, it doesn’t justify buying such a pricey speaker.