Question is not updated with outages

Conflicting messages about what app features are working vs broken add to Sonos trust problems.

Sonos support - please maintain the list of what is broken to avoid misleading customers.


Message 1) Everything works!

“All Systems Operation” is the headline on (as of 6/11)

Other status options include Degraded Performance, Partial Outage, Major Outage and Maintenance - last week the page showed one “Major Outage”, but as of 6/11, every item on this page displays “operational” status - despite thousands of community posts reporting issues.


Message 2) Don’t worry, we’ll fix everything

Sonos Support acknowledges there’s a lot of known issues


Message 3) There’s so much broken that we’re barely holding our heads above water

The Community Page explains that people have complained about the new app so much that the moderators can’t even keep up.


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Not sure what you’re pointing out, vis-a-vis the Sonos outage page. That page is designed to show streams that are impacted, and have nothing to do with Sonos’ controller app. According to their tests, the streams are there.

To your second point, I think you’ll find a schedule of types, according to this FAQ article.

My understanding is that the FAQ article will be updated as needed. I don’t think it’s maintained as an exhaustive list, though.

And you can see the release notes here, for each of the last several releases. 



Thanks for the reply Bruce!

I think I misunderstood the purpose of based on a previous outage notice related to Alexa voice control. I thought that since Alexa and Google are both voice assistants, that the broken “Add a voice assistant” flow for Google assistant would also be shown on


What I’m really looking for is a place where Sonos lists things that are broken, including the ability to add Google assistant, and I’m not seeing that published on release notes, the page on the new app, or the feature page

Up until a week or so ago they were listing some of the issues and bugs at this page, (your second link above) but they aren’t anymore for reasons they haven’t shared. Overall it’s frustrating they aren’t posting known issues for sure. 


So you’re looking for a more consolidated ‘these are the issues with the app, and these are the issues with the outside streams’ page. Not sure that’s likely to happen, but I’ve seen stranger things.

I’m sure the moderators will read this thread, and pass on the suggestion to whomever maintains that data for consideration.