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I love my Surface. I'd love a better App for Windows.

Some of you have been asking about a native Windows Phone controller app for Sonos, and we’ve been slow to provide a clear answer. We’re sorry about that. The truth of the matter is that up until now we’ve been unclear internally on this very question. In fact, it’s been the source of many passionate debates because we recognize that some Sonos owners are also Windows Phone users.

In the end, however, we’ve made a decision that Sonos is not going to build a Windows Phone 8 app nor are we planning to build a Windows 10 “universal” app. We’ll of course continue to support the Windows desktop controller. We’re big fans of the work Microsoft is doing across many areas, including mobile, voice control, AI, VR and of course the Groove music service, available on Sonos.

We know this is super frustrating for Windows Phone owners anxious for more native apps on the platform, but like other companies we've had to place our bets. Our focus right now is on Voice and Paid Streaming Services, and we’re exploring quite a few innovative ways to experience and control your music – on your device and off.

We’ll be sure to keep this group informed of our progress.

that's a shame. I was looking forward to filling my house that I've just moved into. I was so confident that you'd make a UWP that I almost splurged 600 on 4 play 1's. seems like I've dodged a bullet. thanks for letting us know.

It's a pity that Sonos don't make a cheap hardware controller anymore, although I think a second-hand cheap "touch-screen" android device purchased from eBay etc. could be used just for that purpose and left at home... I reckon you could do that for less than £20 (or equivalent in whatever currency you use) ..That way nicbirch you would still be able to buy and play the best multiroom, multi-speaker wireless audio system that is available for home use, today.

It appears to me to be a shame to miss out on so much, for so little.

I do have androids that I could use, but I'm looking forward to the integration of the windows platform with apps related to streaming music (which sonos could obviously have been a part of) e.g. Cortana, xbox. I'm not going to invest in a system that is refusing to integrate, when I'm pretty sure that someone else will recognise the potential and build a system that is useable with the whole windows platform. All Microsoft needs to do is release an audio version of their display adapters and hey presto, the system exists. They're getting their act together, so I don't think it'll be long before I'm telling Cortana to play some music through my wireless speakers whilst at the same time turning heating on and locking the back door 😃
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Shame really, I was going to look at putting something like Sonos in when we remodelled the Kitchen and Living room. Too bad you guys are happy to ignore 200 million active users. Near 35000 people have viewed this page and yet it is deemed that there is not enough interest.
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--- it makes more sense to use a touch device to control sonos than fiddling around with a game controller.

Yes Thunderbyte you are quite right a windows 10 app for touch devices would be perfect.
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Have fun touching your MS Surface Pro 3 with the Desktop Sonos app.
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I find the fact that every Windows app thread on this forum has a couple pro-Windows posters with a couple hundred posts, and the rest have under 10 . . . interesting . . . to say the least. Call me a cynic for thinking people respond to a Windows forum call-to-arms, register to vote/post in the Windows threads, and have no real interest in Sonos at all. And the fact I have personally seen these call-to-arms in Windows enthusiasts forums does nothing to dispel that cynicism.

Not particularly strange. For many people the creation of a Sonos app for their chosen smartphone platform will be the one and only thing that really matters to them as far as this site is concerned. If a Windows app came out tomorrow I would likely never post on this site again. Case in point my mother-in-law has a Windows Phone and a Play 5, she went on the old site to give it a me-too and almost certainly never went on it again. Most people simply don't have the time or inclination to hang around a company's community site commenting on anything and everything.

Think of it from my mother-in-law's perspective. She has a Lumia 530; her husband buys a Play 5 after seeing mine; she searches the Windows Store; there's no app; she Googles why; finds a thread on Sonos community site; reads it; signs up; posts a comment and me-too; likely never looks at that site again. That will be the experience for a huge number of people who post on this site because most are simply not interested enough to keep returning to it. I'll bet that goes for most of the threads on here, not a conspiracy, just human nature.

The fact that a community tries to rally support for the betterment of all within it is hardly news, it's pretty much the definition of what a good community should do. So the few who have commented having been directed from WP community forums shouldn't be thought of as somehow inferior voices in this debate. They want the platform they use and love to prosper, they therefore have a vested interest in trying to get as many big apps on the platform as possible. In the process they are exposed to Sonos products and are presumably far more likely to buy them when a site like Windows Central announces the availability of a Windows app thereby benefiting the Sonos community as well. Indeed I have seen many comments on WC following articles about Sonos along the lines of "never heard of Sonos, but they look cool, hope an app comes and I will buy."

That being said I'm sure a few people who don't own any Sonos products, nor have any intention of buying any, have voted because of what they read on forums. A few have probably registered twice to up the comment/votes also. Petty and misleading but the same is true of almost any thread/comments section/forum on the internet.
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The lament about Sonos not recognizing the gaining of market share of Windows mobile has been happening for years, and was preceded by the lament of Android users (of which I was one) over the same issue. The fact is, Sonos has access to the market data, and until that market data shows Sonos what it wants to see, all the laments in the world, all the "Likes" in the world, and all the Windows fan's "data" in the world is not going to change the situation. Android was supported when Sonos could no longer ignore the market. Windows Phone will be supported when/if Sonos can no longer ignore the market. No argument for/against here or anywhere else is going to sway them in any way. So while the hype, speculation, and statistical gymnastics in this and other threads are all well and good (I particularly like the "Sonos is in bed with Apple" conspiracy nuts), in reality, outside of being a convenient place to vent, it really is an exercise in futility.

So what you are saying is that Sonos invested in a customer feedback solution, that is now on it's third revision, and actively encouraged user suggestions into the direction Sonos should be heading. Having done all this you are implying that the company gives zero consideration to the feedback left on this site? The picture you are painting of Sonos is one of a disingenuous and manipulative company who imply they listen to customers and then disregard everything there customers say? Is that the implication you were going for, because it's what I took away from it.

Making your point often and forcefully is not an exercise in futility. Continuing to remind Sonos that there is are significant numbers of people that desire this of them is far more likely to keep the issue at the forefront of minds and on meeting itineraries than slinking into the shadows like a whipped cur!

By the way you still haven't justified your Windows community call-to-arms conspiracy in any way.
I will get a SONOS Play:1 in a few days and it would be awesome if there was a Windows 10 App. My girlfriend and I are both using Windows 10 Mobile and our tablet runs Windows 10, too.

EDIT: Just read the answer, what a shame. I will consider to sell my SONOS (it's a present from a contract extension).
Personally, If I had numerous Sonos Speakers and products and had initially gone down the route of buying a windows phone. After the 'not so recent' Sonos announcement, which I would say was very clearly stated in relation to WM, I would not sell my Sonos products ... I would simply just change my phone (or at the very least, buy another phone) to use as my controller at home.

It is by far the much simpler and cheaper option than buying an entirely new complete audio system. Those that do, are just cutting their nose off to spite their face, or they actually really just wanted to change away from Sonos to begin with.

I really like my Sonos speakers and plan to add even more in the months ahead.

There was a time when there were no FREE Sonos controller apps and you had to buy an expensive Sonos hardware controller ... Some people just have to move with the times and the direction of a company ... or choose to abandon ship.

Some here are choosing to abandon ship... so be it, but for the price of a pre-owned Android or Apple device, I prefer to stay aboard.

I really do not see Sonos as being a sinking ship... If anything the Windows Mobile looks more like it is 'listing to one side' at the moment and is far more likely to go under, despite the big name of Microsoft. Both Google and Apple have taken the market share when it comes to mobiles. Many of us have all waved goodbye to Nokia and Blackberry already.

I should add that I was once a Nokia and Blackberry owner, but I changed those eventually for a Windows mobile and have since tried android ...and more recently an Apple iPhone. I try to move with the times. I'm sure something else will be along in a few years time and quite simply I will make a decision to move, or stay, with whatever works for me and proves to be the 'best value' option.

It's time other people moved on, instead of ranting about things that are never ever likely to change.

Sonos has made their decision, we all have to live with it...

'All aboard!' ... See you at the next destination, wherever that maybe, but I'm reasonably sure my Sonos system will still be around my home for many years to come.

Don't forget to post your eBay (Sonos Sale) links here... I do love a pre-owned bargain!
Yes....waiting for last two years. Windows tablet needs it!
I have not read all of the threads in this topic, but like a lot of other people I would love a Windows Phone app. According to Microsoft it should be possible to port both Android and iOS Apps to Windows Phone 10. I guess it is just a question of when Windows Phone 10 will be released and hopefully shortly after Microsoft's compiler (or whatever they are called) for Apps will be available for developers.

I don't really care about the poll at the beginning of this thread (Yes I did vote FOR the app). But we have to remember that most users (being Android, iOS, Windows Phone, Sonos or what ever) do not participate in forums like this.

To be hornost the reason I ended up buying my Sonos is that it supported a Music source that my internet provider gives me for free. That meant that I could access a lot of music for free. The competitors didn't (and still dont) support that music source.
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Is the horse breathing yet?
I'd love a proper touch designed controller for my Surface Pro 3 running Windows 10 please.
I have bought one Sonos to see if it was fine. Few weeks later my iphone was broken and I got a windows phone.
As, when I asked Sonos for a windows App, I got their stupid answer "...not comment on current or future development.." andI didn't buy any more Sonos equipment and really I think I will sell it on ebay and buy another stuff that will decently support several phones OS.
I'm a cross platform guy with both Mac/iOS/AppleTV and Windows/Xbox/WindowsMobile stuff, but recently I've been drawn towards some pretty great action on the Windows side of the aisle. 10 has actually been quite a revelation. 8 and 8.1 were amazingly bad examples of directionless design- by-committee. 10 seems to have a bunch of problems fixed, including the app-gap with 10 Mobile. As I recently bought my wife a Lumia 950 and am currently waiting an a dual sim 950XL myself (I love having my business line and personal line on the same phone), I really hope Sonos will see to it to transition their app to a universal app. There is no reason we shouldn't be able to have something that works well across all our potential 10 devices, including Xbox, Mobile, tablet, and desktop. Microsoft has made it relatively painless, so I hope Sonos will make it a reality soon.
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dNexusb - I agree that the vast majority of voice control is useless. Siri, Alexa etc. are great building blocks but usefulness in any meaningful way in peoples lives is a good ways off. Too many different protocols for voice control and automation right now as everyone is jockeying for position in the market. Alexa being less proprietary seems to be more on the right track then most.
I control my Sonos System with:
The original Sonos controller, witch loses functionality with every opdate;
FTS controller on Windows 10 Mobile, witch does some functions. Not supported by Sonos;
8" Windows 10 tablet. My fingers are sometimes too big to press the right buttons on de desktop version;
22" Windows 10 desktop PC. I don't always sit at my desk.

So I would welcome the universal app.

the fact that Sonos is not making a windows 10 uwp is annoying but nothing more than that. That said there are other reasons that refrain me from investing in new, more Sonos equipment but those are offtopic.

Agree - it feels a bit second hand having to use 3rd party tools to control the system, good though Zonos & Phonos are. Using the Windows desktop controller on a touch-screen device like a Surface is really clunky and as someone else pointed out, it's next to impossible on a small tablet. But then reality bites - Windows share of the 8" tablet market might be ~15% so Sonos may well be right in prioritizing other developments. But then, if they could do a single app that would meet the needs of the minority of Windows Phone users, the millions of Xbox One users and the many millions of Windows 10 users, wouldn't that be desirable? Surely controlling the end-end user experience is where Apple showed the way, and yet by having 3rd party controllers be the only option, Sonos is giving away the last mile to Windows users.
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Come on guys 10,920 views on this, with no answer!
Hi jgatie. Agreed. I think frustration comes from Sonos developing support for so many services, but not Windows 10, despite it always being at the top of requests.

It's at the top of requests, but this site and the last are a decidedly unscientific poll which is easily gamed. I'm sure Sonos has more accurate market data upon which it based its development decisions. As an Android owner, I know I had to wait years for Android support, and no amount of informal polls or pleading posts changed the fact that Android was ignored until the market share it claimed made it unable to ignore.
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Let's all stay calm 🙂.

This is a place to talk about the possibility and merits of a universal app. Not for berating Sonos - let's face it, they make great products which we all love.

Nor is it a place to rebuke people who are asking for it.

In that vein. I think we must recognise that Windows 8 didn't shake the earth, I think we can understand Sonos not developing a universal for it.

Windows 10, on the other hand, is a different kettle of fish. On that basis Sonos have only had 5-6ish months to develop something (assuming they didn't bother with the preview).

So lets be pateint, respectful and help Sonos with it. God knows there are enough resources to do it.

Apologies Sam, I understand that my comprehensive demolition of Jgatie's arguments have hijacked this thread more than once.

I don't know if you have been checking back here as long as I have but let me say this any love I had for Sonos products has been steadily eroded by this farce. From the, as far as I can tell, deliberate neutering of the original ideas thread, and it subsequently going from a position of prominence to being buried deep in this subcategory. To this latest non-commitment I have been gradually reduced to a point where I simply resent the outlay I have made on Sonos products, knowing that I will never recoup those costs.

I simply don't believe Sonos will do this anymore.
You should, at the very least, be able to add a friggin speaker to your system with your PC!
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Thought this would help...

Porting apps to Windows 10:

Hope this helps 🙂
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FWIW I would have solved this in a different way, by defining the wizard screens themselves cross-platform and with a thin platform-specific layer that built the native layouts at runtime, so that changes would not require new work on every platform.

Absolutely. The whole point of a "cross platform" solution is to allow you to essentially develop the app once, and build multiple distributions/binaries for each platform from the same codebase (with minimal platform-specific development). Which would allow for a unified experience across all desktop/mobile/tablet platforms. It's disappointing that Sonos have clearly not taken this approach to their clients even with the radical v7/8/9.2 UI redesigns.