S1 Controller for Windows crashes on launch

I updated to the S1 controller today and now it launches, shows the interface (including my speakers, playlist, queue), and after 3 or so seconds the app crashes. The attached is the error from the Application Log.

I of course rebooted, uninstalled and reinstalled, ran sfc to confirm all system files are good, confirmed I’m up to date on windows updates, and I even removed the Sonos settings from %appdata%, and nothing helped. I have very little running on my machine, and the old controller did work.

Googling around leads me to believe this error is within the app rather than the system (or .NET subsystem).



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Oh and I checked out which implicates Webroot (which I don’t have) and I don’t get the crash notification like in the picture from that post.

One more thing: controller apps on my ipad and android phone work fine. I can collect diagnostics for support from there if necessary.

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That is a pretty detailed callstack. There is a piece of art being loaded while browsing that is corrupt, and it is crashing the bitmap converter in .NET.

It is possible a .NET upgrade might fix this.

This isn’t Windows 7 is it?

The PC with the problem is running Windows 10 May 2020 update

I checked out upgrading .NET in my initial troubleshooting and the installer says my OS comes with the latest version.

I tried a different PC also using the current version of windows and of the S1 Windows controller and it works just fine.

Is there somewhere on the system it saves data other than %appdata% or %programdata% where I might find (and delete) the corrupt images?

I’m happy to troubleshoot anything, I’m trapped at home like everyone else

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There have been a few reports of problems with the new version of Windows 10, though none with such specific details as you provided here. I haven’t managed to get it installed on any of my machines yet to try it myself.

I guess I am obliged to suggest my own Windows 10 Sonos app to tide you over in the meantime :-) (see my profile)(.

I install Phonos earlier this morning, works great