Need possibility of adding delay in addition to the normal 70ms

  • 25 September 2012
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167 replies

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Think this feature has been under consideration for too long!? Vote for this:
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It's effectively a little buffer, a trivial programming task that should take no longer than a few hours to implement not 7 months to consider. I find it incomprehensible that Sonos treat their customers in this way.
+1 from me.
After using Sonos for years with multiple zones throughout the house, the introduction of a new Yamaha AV, RX-A3020, this sync delay and Sonos' unwillingness to address it, was the straw that broke the camels back. I have off loaded the Sonos gear and have implemented zones using the streaming features of the AV. In addition to fixing the sync problem this has the added benefit of allowing me to play FLAC files. Now that most AVs provide streaming capability and iPad apps to control them, I think Sonos' days are numbered.
After using Sonos for years with multiple zones throughout the house, the introduction of a new Yamaha AV, RX-A3020, this sync delay and Sonos' unwillingness to address it, was the straw that broke the camels back. I have off loaded the Sonos gear and have implemented zones using the streaming features of the AV. In addition to fixing the sync problem this has the added benefit of allowing me to play FLAC files. Now that most AVs provide streaming capability and iPad apps to control them, I think Sonos' days are numbered.
Hi User50055, I also have an Yamaha AV, RX-1020. See that you have the big one but anyhow I wonder if you could specify a bit about how you use the streaming features by the AV? You are streaming from the Yamaha to what? or how do you mean. Would like to know more about your setup and solution to get rid of this ridiculous issue with the Sonos. Unfortunately they seem to not pay attention to their customers and I must say that it's a big problem for them. /John
@SONOS: When can we expect a solution for this problem? I got a Connect a while back, and hooked it up to my receiver via a Coax-cable = very satisfied. Yesterday I got a Play:5, and the delay-issue immediately became apparent. The two components are not useable together, as it is now. The delay makes the sound very poor = unhappy customer.
+1 feature add otherwise, makes the connect product a little irrelevant. synching with larger sonos system is kind of the point.
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+1 This feature is holding me back from adding one to two connect's, a 3rd Play 5, a Sub and a Play 3. Totally understand that it takes time, but if the answer is a flat no because it's simply not possible, well then, I think we'd all like to know.
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Yeah, those hits must add up very quickly.  Past AND future sales...  I for one, wouldn't have invested so much in Sonos product if I had known this before.  I feel that they're practically doing *false advertising. 

* They should at least put a warning in "small print".  "Won't work properly with most moderns Hi-Fi systems."
It's bad enough the connect costs more than the play 3 -- it doesn't even have any speakers! -- but for it to not work flawlessly with the rest of the sonos speakers in the house, at that price point, is simply unacceptable. Seamless sound between rooms is 90% of why people choose sonos instead of much cheaper bluetooth speakers that sound just as good. If the connect can't be made to sync up with the rest of a house's speakers when run through an expensive sound system, then sonos should stop selling it. Stand by your product, Sonos.
I've left a one-star review for the connect on Amazon, drawing attention to this problem. I encourage others to do the same.

The fact is that Sonos could fix this issue with a simple software update, but for three years has not cared enough to do so. This is a five-star product, even overpriced, without this problem. Sonos, fix it and I'll amend my review to 5 stars accordingly.
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Great idea about leaving 1-Star votes on Amazon.  It may be the only way to get them to fix the issue, or at least respectfully acknowledge it (as opposed to getting us to buy it and then simply blaming AVR processing and suggesting direct stereo mode).  Enough 1 star votes and maybe Sonos starts caring a bit more.

They could always argue, of course, that it's incumbent upon buyers to do their homework, and that if there was no bullet point on the side of the Connect box saying that it plays nice w/ your other Sonos speakers and/or that a delay can be specified, then it's the buyer's fault.  Sorry buyer, your fault, you live w/ it.  

But that sort of defeats Sonos' efforts to market themselves as a company offering hassle free, elegant products that "just work", a la Apple, right?  They know it doesn't play nice w/ their other products, but market it anyway w/ the tacit - but quite wrong - understanding that it will.

I've flat out stopped spontaneously recommending Sonos to friends, or buying Sonos speakers as gifts for people.  And when we do talk about it, while I still endorse them (w/ the caveat of keeping AVR and Sonos speakers separate), I'm no longer the glowing evangel I once was; and that lack of sincere enthusiasm is all it takes to mean my listener is now on the fence and postpones the purchase until after the mood passes (meaning no purchase).
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We have an answer eventually, they can't or won't sort it out. I saw them plugging the Connect on their facebook page, so I posted asking them if they had sorted out the delay yet. Their answer: "Hi Charlie. When setting up a CONNECT with a receiver, the receiver itself does the audio processing. It is because of this alternate processing that you can experience a difference is speed, either faster or slower. Sonos is unable to compensate for this because it is external processor doing the work. Some receivers have 'direct sound' options where it passes through audio without any processing and we've seen that this setting allows it and the other Sonos speakers to be in sync with one another.”
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The ability for a delay would seem to be a good suggestion to solve the problem, but I have no idea if it is technically feasible.

Personally, if listening to music I don't have the AV amp doing any processing - it is all designed for stereo, so why would you need to have a stereo audio track in surround? It might be fun, but it isn't true music reproduction.
Also, I think it is unfair of some of the comments in this thread to point the finger of blame at Sonos and argue with their "perfect sync" statement. The Sonos equipment is in perfect sync.
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Hi Bob_m10, thanks for reaching out. We'll make sure this is still on the request sheet and will add your interest to it. There isn't really any update to share on if or when as we don't talk about future development generally.

In some situations, using different inputs or toggling off DSP on the receiver will help with any delay happening between the two devices. Generally speaking, what happens is that the Sonos software has been designed specifically to keep all Sonos players in sync automatically, so your CONNECT and the CONNECT:AMP or other players are all playing at the same timing. The receiver is adding a processing delay once the audio gets to it from the CONNECT.

So the suggestion here that we passed on is to have an option to add a delay to other players grouped to the CONNECT, or to add a pre-buffer to the CONNECT, so that it was timed faster than other players when grouped. Again, no particulars to share on that request however.

Thanks again!

Appreciate the update Ryan. -Bob
Just hooked up a couple of Connect AMP's and a Connect to my Sony ZA5000-ES ($3500) AVR. Very disappointing to hear this delay even when running audio direct. I'm using $1K each main speakers in the family room and $1K/pr speakers on the patio because I wanted to have fantastic sound for this event. Sounds like I'm in the hallway of a stadium 😞 Any updates on this 4 year old feature request or ideas yet before I return everything? Thx
Add me to the list. I have found a work around of sorts. But it only works for those who have in-house speakers systems like the Home Theater Direct MCA-66. You can hook the connect up to your AV receiver, then use the zone two output to send the music in sync and with DSP processing to the HTD (or similar) device. This of course defeats the entire advantage of the Sonos wireless system. I may switch to Yamaha Multicast.
I just swapped out my denon 1513 with a denon 3313. Right after hooking it up I got the dreaded audio delay. Tried a bunch of combinations to no avail. Switched between optical and analog etc. what finally resolved it for me was switching to the cd input. I was able to use optical and still no delay. Multi channel mode on cd input- no delay. Thanks to a poster early up this forum for suggesting the cd input. It’s likely that input is not using any processing by default.

Side note, while troubleshooting I found that when I used other inputs but did not plug in the hdmi from my projector the delay was not present. As soon as I plugged in the hdmi with the projector on, or as soon as I turned on the projector with the hdmi already plugged in, the echo would begin. It’s almost like the dsp kicked in once a video source was added. Kinda makes sense.

Thanks to all previous posters and contributors to this forum. It’s a great source of information and advice.

thank you for responding Sonos. As an audiophile, I like your products but I love my B&W speakers. I had to return my Sonos 5, and connect. I kept one 3. Please let us know when you add this feature, so we can enjoy your great products even more!
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I must say that I'm quite concerned with my Sonos setup after buying the new Yamaha receiver RX-A1020. I have exactly the same problem as described above. The Yamaha is able to delay the sound some milliseconds but just as stated above the problem are that the Play 5 are ahead of the sound from my Connect played through the receiver. I really hope Sonos will supply with a solution very soon as I right now has paused investment of further planned Sonos products as I must have music in sync. If I understand correct the problems is related to every high end receiver out there who is processing the sound in any way from the Sonos Connect so therefore it seems to be a quite serious problem for Sonos multiroom solutions. Sad as I really loved my Sonos until this problem occurred.
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Please add me to the list of those looking for this delay feature being added. If I group my connect (Bose system off of this) and my Play 5's I get a slight echo.
+1 crucial functionality
+ 1 for this feature add. The plan for my whole home audio was thwarted by this. The Connect was to be the centerpiece of my home audio running through my existing Bose system with Play 3's and 5's in other rooms. However my home is too open and the delay is obvious. This is stalling me from by buying additional Play 3's and 5's. Add this feature and I am back at it. Please also report back to your raving fans on if this is not possible so that we may move on to a plan b.
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Adding my two cents here, too. My setup was also thwarted by this situation and I had to return a connect as a result. Waiting to see what's next. Please give us the option to configure our systems to make this work.
+ 1 vote from me please Sonos. This will be an amazing feature if implemented, I'm pretty sure those returned Sonos systems will be 're-purchased'! 😉