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  • 5 October 2021
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Hello. I bought my Sonos system in 2015, and in 2018 they went with our household belongings into storage.  I have resurrected them and have gathered that I had to reset it.  Then it asked if I wanted to update to S2, which I did, but my play one wasn't compatible so I reset it again.  Then I didn’t get Spotify on it, so reset it again.  But this time I get the message at the top of the app “not connected to the internet” when it is.  I turned the router off and on.  Is it possible I have reset it too many times.  And why could I not see the “add services” button so I could get iHeart and Spotify onto it when I did have it connected.  It’s all very frustrating


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Are you still using the Play:5 (Gen 1)? If so, you need to use the Sonos S1 app because the Play:5 (Gen 1) is not compatible with the S2 app.

Reset each of your Sonos speakers by following these instructions:

Go ahead and reboot your router again too.

Then download the Sonos S1 app and set up each speaker using the app.

Then add your music services under Settings > Services & Voice.


Read more about which speakers are compatible with the S2 app here:


Yes It was a Play 1, so I tried to reset my play 3 and play 1 using S1, but I am now having trouble.  I got to the stage where I open the app, so I open the S1 app and it doesn’t recognise any of my speakers, and at the top of the page it says to me “unable to connect to Sonos”. I have turned off wifi and turned on, turned off router and turned on, and the power to Sonos product working.  I can’t think of what else to do???


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It’s probably best that you contact Sonos Support:

Yes thank you for trying to help. I did actually notice there was a number and an actual real live person to talk to and help me through this. She was outstanding and very patient. I would never in a million years have managed what she  did for me. Thanks again