hi, I am unable to connect to Tunein. I can play music from my Itunes on Sonos though

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ditto. Unable to connect since yesterday evening. All other services working fine.
Dear Sonos customer representative, could you please respond to this problem? I have not been able to listen to the radio since yesterday and this is really starting to bug me.

Same here, direct connections to radio stations works fine. There must be a TuneIn<>Sonos problem!
I can't connect to any radio station today. Normally I have no problem. I listen to BBC World Service and Radio 4. Neither respond. Please!!!!
Have the same problem since yesterday. Cannot connect to TuneIn.
Radiostations via Tune in work erratically, only on some stations. Problem discovered about 4 hours ago. When selecting a radiosation, the station logo pops up, than Sonos tries to connect, but thereafter the message appears ' unable to play the radiosation'.
Yes, I'm still getting that message.  Would love to know if this problem is widespread or isolated to certain areas/regions? I'm in Dublin, Ireland.
I am in Haarlem, the Neterlands. The problems seem to have worsened now, cannot get any station via Sonos -Tuned In.
I have the same problem . See also my topic:  https://ask.sonos.com/sonos/topics/unable-to-play-radio-stations-since-this-morning
Tunein is working again for me. Just checked it now and it can connect to all my stations. Hope it keeps going!
At the moment, it works here with ups and downs.
yes, Tunein seems to be working again for me too

Seems that Tune In is working. Checked a few stations and get immediate response.
It works again. Much better than 2 hours ago. Just checked a few stations and get immediate response..
Yep, working again. A formal statement from Sonos could be usefull. 
The recent Tunein 24 hour outage makes me wonder if there's any other Sonos service that provides live radio? I'm fairly new to Sonos but I haven't been able to find one. STITCHER is good for podcasts. It doesn't provide for live streams as far as I know. Normally, Tunein is excellent but it would be good to have an alternative when it goes down.
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Hi folks,
We are currently unaware of any TuneIn radio outages. If you are still having trouble browsing the radio, please try rebooting your router and Sonos systems by removing them from power and waiting ten seconds before plugging them back in. This should update network information, including DNS, for your router and Sonos systems.

If issues persist after reboots, please submit a diagnostic report and reply here with your confirmation number: Submit diagnostics.
@Jeff, a response after 4 days?!? problems are solved but this is not the service we expect from Sonos! 
Not to mention the fact that this is a very lame response. Clearly lots of people experienced problems with TuneIn.  I was thinking of buying another Sonos player to add to my living room set, but this recent experience is making me reconsider...
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User83215 wrote:

@Jeff, a response after 4 days?!? problems are solved but this is not the service we expect from Sonos! 

As you can imagine things are very busy here. That's why our phone team is available 365 days a year. We're catching up after the holidays.
Same here. Diagnostic confirmation 7409231
Hi, JoeFish. Thanks for submitting the diagnostic. The report is showing errors connecting to Tune In, are you experiencing the same errors playing from other Music Services? Additionally, has the router been rebooted at this point?
Hi Manny,

No, I am able to play from Pandora, Spotify, and my local device with no issues. Yes, the router has been rebooted since the problem started. Any other suggestions?

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Hi JoeFish,

Are you experiencing the issue with any specific TuneIn station, or are there multiple stations that are unable to play?

If the issue is specific to one station, please let me know what station you are trying to access.
It has been with every station I've tried. The app displays the station information, including the DJ name and whatnot, but it doesn't actually play the station.


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