Has any posting here EVER produced anything ?

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@Gavin, lol come on having a laugh? you obviously edited that list. Surely you can't have us believe that it took a suggestion from a customer to add such gems as "Ctrl-click select in Desktop Controller."
You are going to need better bait than that, son. LOL @ amateurs! 😛
The jagtie doth protest too much, methinks.
I have been a Sonos user, and have spent a LOT of money on their products since 2005.

I have posted a few high priority, low difficulty suggestions over the years, and have watched *many, many* others do the same, and have not ever seen a SINGLE suggestion implemented.

Can anyone name a single user-submitted suggestion that has been implemented by Sonos ?

They are too concerned about the Logo color and then sending out a survey to ask which color you like better 😉 I feel the same way. Asking for Groups / Zones since years... but hey, Logo color is more important ...
Each update makes the GUI worse.

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