Where did the alarm interface go

  • 20 March 2023
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Not sure what has happened recently.

I've been using the Sonos alarm function on the S2 app without an issue for a while. After the latest update from the play store, the alarm notification / interface overlay isn't there anymore. I no longer have the floating box that let's me close or snooze the alarm.

Once my alarm goes off, I have to open the Sonos app and manually find the room playing the music and press stop.

Any ideas what happed to the alarm interface? How do I get that working again? 


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3 replies

Settings > System > Alarms

Settings > System > Alarms

Are you related to the "turn it off and on again - is it plugged in?" guy?

Yeah, I know where the settings are and they're fine...ive also allowed notifications in my android settings and allowed overlay... 

I don’t think I’m related to anyone else who posts in this forum. At least to my knowledge. 

Perhaps I didn’t understand your post, since I’m not an Android user. I’m not sure what “overlay” you’re talking about, so it may be best if you call Sonos Support directly to discuss it. On iOS, I’ve always used that Settings area to get to Alarms. On MacOS, it’s slightly different, but the iOS and Android versions should be effectively the same, with the exception of TruePlay.