Unable to access NAS Music Library from Some Sonos Devices

  • 13 January 2024
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I am running an S1 system on a new Studio Mac and my music library is on a Synology DS 1522+ Nas.  I have enabled SMB1 and NTLMV1 and used a separate login to the NAS just for the Sonos.  However, I have two ZPs, a Connect and Connect AMP that can not play music from the library.  The message is access denied.  However, I have a Play 3 that works, a One SL that access the library just fine.  I also have a newer Sonos Port (running in S1) mode that also can access the library.  Note that the devices that can’t access the library can stream my music services on Sonos just fine.  I have checked my logs and firewalls and do not see any issues of blocking the IPs of these devices or anything else.   Any help is appreciated!  Stu


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5 replies

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Do you also observe this using the Sonos app on a different device, for example with an iPhone or another mobile device?

If it just happens with the Sonos desktop client on your mac, it could be a problem of macOS, because the latest versions do not support smb v1 any longer. 
But therefore I can’t explain why some of your other Sonos devices would work this way. Maybe there are differences how some devices use smb in S1 and perhaps some of them are still working with macOS. 


It also happens when using the S1 client on an iphone or a PC.  i suspect the oldest Sonos devices have implemented SMB1 in a way that is no longer compatible.  I have no problem when I move the music library to the Mac harddrive itself, just on the NAS some of my devices.

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In this case I can just imagine, that your NAS has got a problem with smb 1 compatibility. Did you try to connect one of the older devices via lan vable to the router? Just to see, if it isn’t a network connection problem. 
To get more detailed information about this you can send a diagnostic from within the Sonos app and call Sonos support team. They can take a look inside to find the reason for the problem.


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Disable Unix extensions in the SMB config?

unix extensions = no

Here and in several other topics:


I have a Sonos Connect and a couple of Play ONE & Play ONE SLs. I have the same problem, but noticed today that the problem only lies with the older connect. It works for the others. The connect is wired and the ONEs are on wifi.

I usually use the connect (Living room) and a specific ONE (kitchen) together. If the grouping has started with the Connect (Living room) then the problem occurs. However if the grouping started with the ONE (kitchen) then there's problems!. So that's my solution so far as I don't want to change Synology config files and library installs. So good news I wanted to share, although it may apply to every situation.