"there is not enough room to update your music library"

  • 23 September 2023
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I got rid of my Gen 1 Play 5 to resolve an issue with SMB1, and once I upgraded to S2 I started getting this error.  About ready to walk away from the whole thing.  Please help me get back to a system that worked beautifully for years until last summer.


1 - Gen 2 Play 5

3 - Play 1’s

connecting to a QNAP NAS.  Never saw this error until I updated to S2.  I dont have any playlists on Sonos, only within Youtube music and locally on my computer within Apple Music.


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How many songs do you have in your music library? From Sonos:

A Sonos music library has a 65,000 track limit. The limit can be reached by either track count, or by memory usage. The memory limit can be reached prior to 65,000 tracks if there is a large amount of metadata.

62000 tracks according to apple music.  Again, these issues only began after S2.

Could you elaborate? Sonos can’t access local files downloaded within native music apps such as Apple Music, as they’re protected.

If the files are regular, unprotected files accessed via a network share you could be hitting a known issue with S2 and SMBv2/3 when scanning larger libraries. Try switching the NAS to SMBv1 temporarily. Assuming Sonos indexes it okay you can switch the NAS back afterwards for normal playback.

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Hi @meepzork

The only information I can find in our system about QNAP NAS is an error when trying to add a share path, Error 900, but nothing when trying to update.

As quoted by @GuitarSuperstar, there is a 65,000 track limit with local music libraries on Sonos and this can be reached by either track limit or memory usage. Being so close to the track limit with 62,000 song does make it seem likely that you’re running into this specifically, and if you’ve reached the track limit, you wont be able to update/index your library.

This can been seen in diagnostics, so I would recommend you submit a diagnostics and reply here with the confirmation number, or reach out to our support team with the confirmation number for live troubleshooting.

I hope this helps!