Spotify skips to next song or stops playing, other sources work just fine meanwhile

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The past couple of months when playing music from Spotify on any of the sonos speakers the music skips to the next song or stops playing at random points. It can be after 2 songs or half a day. The controller reports connection to spotify lost. Sometimes i can immediately click play again and it starts over but sometimes it takes 1-10 min before i can resume. Meanwhile i can play from other sources just fine so it seems like a Spotify specific issue. If i try to play using spotify connect then as i select the speaker, it changes it back to the previous target.

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We are experiencing the exact same issue with erratic cut outs of songs followed by restarts in 5 - 15 seconds playing the next song. While we usually use Spotify we have seen this happen with Google Music as well. We have two Sonos 3 that are wired and three Sonos 1 that are Wifi. It's making the system unusable
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Hi folks,

Please submit a diagnostic report from your Sonos app after you experience the playback issues. Reply here with the confirmation number and I'll take a look.
Hi I just sent it after we had 2 or 3 songs cut out mid song then music start with the next song.
Diagnostics Confirmation number: 1518071375
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Hi I just sent it after we had 2 or 3 songs cut out mid song then music start with the next song.
Diagnostics Confirmation number: 1518071375

Thanks for sending in the report. It came through with some formatting errors, making it hard to read. I do see that your speakers are showing some wireless communication errors. If you have a Sonos unit wired into your network with an ethernet cable, please try changing the wireless channel on your Sonos system to help reduce wireless interference.

If your Sonos system connects to your home wireless network, you can try changing the wireless channel on your router instead. We usually recommend using channels 1, 6 or 11 as these do not overlap.

It may also help to take a look around and in between your Sonos speakers. See if there are any third party wireless electronics nearby which could be causing interference. Common sources of interference include cordless phones, wireless cameras, wireless baby monitors, and wireless printers. Try moving any similar device away from your Sonos speakers and see if things improve.

If the above steps do not help, please send along a new diagnostic report and reply here with the number.
Diagnostics 1359762563

Just started having the issue about 2 days ago. Tried resetting router, uninstalling and reinstalling app. Was going to try to deauthorize Spotify on sonos app, but there’s a glitch and the window pops up and immediately closes again.
PS this only affects Spotify. Apple Music works just fine.
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I have submitted a report with id 1801998003 after the speaker named Bathroom had cut out and refused to play for a while.
Hello there, newsea. Thanks for posting and welcome to the Community. I was able to get a closer look at your diagnostic report and noticed that most of the system is having a hard time maintaining a steady connection to the network. While this may not be a problem for some music services, I know Spotify to be reliant on a strong and solid connection. That being said, if you plug any one of your Sonos devices into the router using an Ethernet cable, do the issues persist? Let us know the results.

Hey, Poull! Based on the diagnostic results, it seems that you have Sonos set up wirelessly on a network that uses wireless extenders. This causes a number of problems when routing music data along to Sonos. Could you tell us a little more about your local network? How is it laid out? Do you have any network switches or access points? What is the model of the Sagemcom router you are using?
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The model of the modem is FAST3890_D0. Besides the modem only serves as a switch, DHCP server and have wifi disabled. I have a Unifi access point wired to handle the wireless signal which is what you might have thought was an extender. The modem is somewhat new but the access point i have used for years with sonos without problems.
Poull: Understood. As a test, please unplug all Sonos devices from power and plug a Play:1 into the FAST3890_D0 by Ethernet. Does Spotify skip or stop? We are plugging into the FAST3890 is that this is what is giving DHCP to the rest of the network and gives us the most direct connection to the Internet and Spotify.

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The issue still exists but i simply haven't had the chance yet to lay out a cable across floors to the speakers so it will still be some time before i can get around to test it. Sometimes it might be hours between skips/stop so simply sitting around next to the modem waiting for it to happen is not really an option 🙂
I have had the same problem. Songs regularly just stop and skip to the start of the next track. Diagnostics: 2007957481.
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I have moved my wifi access point to another location but about at the same distance and since then i have not experienced any drops or stops. I still think spotify and sonos together have an issue when the wifi signal is not optimal as other sources than spotify still worked.
Same problems here. Diagnostic ID 503571227
Same here 904077638
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Tagging onto an old topic isn't the greatest way to get some visibility for your issues, hopefully Sonos will see them and respond. You can create a new one from the forum home page, there is a create link near your user ID.

Did you try Keith's test above in this topic?
Hi - having the same problem and just increased my internet connection speed last week. Diagnostic number is 1410518173
Same issue - have 1gb Comcast internet with Velop mesh network and a sonos bridge. Seems to work find when playing through the Sonos app. However, fails when playing through the spotify app.
Same issue here. Quite irritating.
Diagnostics submitted on phone and laptop. 403090987 and 1761356370 respectively.

Happens on speakers connected through wifi and ethernet cable.
Same issue here. Spotify stops randomly
Same here, conf# 86501127. Happens on Play1s (Wifi) alone and/or on grouped P1s and Connect Amp wired to router
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Same here, conf# 86501127. Happens on Play1s (Wifi) alone and/or on grouped P1s and Connect Amp wired to router

Hi there,

Sorry for the delay. There are many wireless communication errors showing up between your components. Most of the time changing the wireless channel your Sonos system is using clears up this sort of issue.
I am having the same issue as listed above. If I play ANY playlist from Spotify it skips songs, jumps ahead, I get messages that say connection is lost or song cannot be played. I do not have any of these problems when I play apple music. It is so frustrating. I have a whole house solution in place that I can't use. I have hardwired my playbar, I have put the sonos network on channel 6, I have made sure my wireless is NOT on channel 6. I have done EVERYTHING i have read about and still I have the same issue, day after day after day. This needs to be sorted out, sonos.
Perhaps it would be time for you to submit a system diagnostic within 10 minutes of replicating this issue, and either post the number here, or contact Sonos to discuss it. There may be information included in the diagnostic that will help Sonos pinpoint the issue and help you find a solution.
I've been having these issues lately. Only seems to happen with Spotify, while TuneIn and Pandora work fine. Just submitted a support diagnostics. The confirmation number is 629343782. Had Spotify dropping out, skipping songs and not being able to play the same song on 3-4 speakers at the same time within 10 minutes of submitting the diagnostics.