Sonos starts playing by itself, continued

  • 22 February 2023
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So today I’m away on a business trip to Germany. I’ve got my Macbook, Ipad and Iphone with me. My wife texts me saying that the Sonos speakers out of the blue started to play music. Quote “it sounded like Muzak. Not like the kind of music you like to listen to”. She then checked her phone to see if she accidentally set something off. But then she found out she only had the outdated version of the Sonos App and no password.

For music streaming I use Apple Music.

This does raise the question of how this at all is possible.

Any thoughts.


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4 replies

You can do all sorts of things in Apple HomeKit that would affect the Sonos.

In the Sonos software, there can also be alarms set that would start a specified station at a specified time.

If your family ever had a person over that used Spotify Connect while on your network, that would stay ‘connected’ to your system until such time as it was broken by playing any non-Spotify stream (such as Apple) on your speakers.

If, within 10 minutes of this music stream beginning to play, a diagnostic was submitted, you could call Sonos Support directly to discuss it, and they would be likely to be able to tell you what submitted the ‘play’ command. 

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Have you ever authorized a 3rd party app to control your Sonos system? If so, there's no easy way to deauthorize and you'll need to talk to Sonos support.

Something like that just happened. My Arc is wired to my TV.  TV was off but suddenly music started coming out of the soundbar.  When I turned on the TV, the Arc worked normally.

Do you have a cable box connected to that TV? Both cable boxes and TVs have been known to “come on” without intervention when they’re updating their firmware/software.