Sonos spotify connection

  • 25 March 2023
  • 4 replies

This is still an issue. Why why why. I have tried ALL the remedies offered everywhere to no avail. HELP. 

4 replies

So exactly what is the issue? We can try to help if you give some details.

I am having an issue playing Spotify through the S2 app. Songs will play then skip to the next song at random times with an error saying cannot connect to the Spotify service. This happens on the Sonos Move as well as Sonos Arc systems. I’ve tried removing all network connections and readding, removing Spotify service and readding, rebooting devices, all with no luck. Steaming Spotify to speakers with AirPlay works fine but is not my preferred method. 

I’m not having SPOTIFY issues. Your symptoms are caused by communication issues.

Give us some details about your network and how your SONOS system is set up.

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I've had Spotify playing a few seconds of a song and going onto the next soon after a lot in the last couple of days.  Not had this for a long time (it used to be quite a common issue). Matrix a combination of green and orange, all on Sonosnet.

I don't have the App open generally so don't know if there's an onscreen error.