Sonos Radio not working properly

  • 10 September 2020
  • 27 replies


I've had to reset my speaker as radio stations weren't working. I've managed to get the speaker back up and running and it plays some radio stations from tune in and Sonos Radio but It won't play any foreign stations which it did do previously until today. What is the issue with it? Also tune in won't find every country under its locations where as before it did, any ideas why this is?


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27 replies

Blame the lawyers, who are suing TuneIn, and the laws made by the governments to protect artist’s income. 

So far, we have lost TuneIn and, but I presume this is due to contractual disputes rather than anything to do with Sonos. I also have been able to restore my radio stations using MyTuner radio. It would be nice if Sonos could advise us when other streaming services, such as TuneIn, are no longer available and suggest some alternatives, especially as they advertise the radio connectivity of their speakers.