Sonos app supported on my Chromebook until new update

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Now, nada. How freaking rude. Really hard to imagine they would treat loyal customers this way. I’ll be looking to hack the holy frack out of these 9 Sonos speakers. Disrespect for disrespect.

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My phone just ran out of juice and now I find that not only has Sonos screwed the pooch with their phone app, they’ve demolished the Chrome app as well. It's like chimps throwing s*** at the paying customers at the zoo. Who would want to come back? 

Except… I’m thousands of dollars in, and Sonos knows that. So permission to throw s*** at me is granted! Good luck with your new “innovative” headphones that the world has just been dying to listen to, dark overlords of listening.

Bite Yours Truly,

A longtime, former, advocate


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I have to admit I don’t think Chromebooks were ever officially supported.  The old app did work on some Chromebooks but I could never get it to work when I looked at Chromebooks a few years ago.