Sonos app for Mac cannot update itself

  • 22 June 2023
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I am really tired of this issue where the Sonos app for Mac attempts to update itself but fails with an error. Question on this topic keep getting closed but the company is not actually solving the issue! The solution is to go the web site and manually download the latest version of the app. Fine, but then don’t waste my time with this fake self-updating that doesn’t actually work; just take me to the web site to start with.


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Hello @mattski , welcome to Sonos Community!

I’d like to offer my apologies for the inconvenience, wasting our customers time is definitely not our intention.

We appreciate feedback, good and bad, and while our team is working on a fix in regards to the updates failure on MacOS, please use the workaround (as you mentioned) of manually downloading the latest version from our website.

The below thread has a few more details, if you are interested on checking it out:

Thank you for sharing and apologies once again.

Hi Sotiris,

Thanks for acknowledging this problem but it must be affecting millions of users by now. I am not a great fan of altering security settings which I note you don’t actually advocate (simply point us at a third party response). Can you clarify that: First, there is an issue; second, that Sonos does not recommend changing security settings and third, a solution will be forthcoming along with an estimate as to when it might occur.

Many thanks, Steve

I’ve been having the same issue and can report that downloading the update from the website and doing a simple install over the existing version was successful. I can see the version has updated from 15.5 to 15.6 and the build from 73042060 to 74043110, and when I try to check for updates now the app reports that it is up to date. This workaround to fix the failure to install was simple, but I wish it’d been publicized as an email alert to save me the agony of repeated attempts  to do it from within the app based on the belief that I was doing something wrong. As was noted by a previous post this must have been affecting a lot of people. 


Hi Jim,

Yes. This works for me too. Never really in doubt. But this is not the point. The update does not work as advertised and some are changing security settings to try to make it do so. Which, in itself, can create vulnerabilities on our computers. I contend that Sonos is ducking this issue. Let’s get an official reply from Sonos. Security settings are not something to be messed with. 

Hi Clouseaux-


I wasn’t attempting to justify Sonos’ reasoning or defend their comments on changing security settings. Since I’d been hobbled by the failure i was glad I got by that and was simply reporting that the workaround did the job. In my case I could have added this was done without any modifications to my system, but I didn’t see any detailed mention of security setting changes until I dug into the linked thread the support person included, so didn’t address that. My computer app permissions are locked down tightly and Sonos in particular has no special access, so what happened for me *should* work without such questionable changes. I believe the app permissions thing is mostly default computer tech support speak, similar to “clear your cache and cookies” to fix a browser issue. So it’s in the vein of ducking as you’ve noted since nowhere have I seen anything that states even vaguely what they think the updater issue was. There’s got to be a bug report and an internal trail of discussions. Just come out and say “we realize that we f**ed up our installer”. I would speculate that they pushed an update without having a rollback plan so when it broke they just tried to push forward.