Sonos alarm sometimes plays wrong radio station

  • 4 August 2023
  • 3 replies

My Sonos Beam and Sonos One are setup with alarms to play different radio stations (both from TuneIn radio, both at 7am, Kiss FM and BBC Radio 1) however they sometimes both end up playing Kiss FM.

When I go into the Sonos app on my PC it shows that they are playing the correct stations but they arent! (Kiss FM has a distinctive self-advertising jingle so I know its playing Kiss FM and not BBC 1)

This happens fairly often, today being one of those occasions. I submitted a Sonos diagnostic report 898793610

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3 replies

I’d recommend that you call Sonos Support directly, the vast majority of this community has no access to that diagnostic, and Sonos Support doesn’t really ‘live’ in these forums, either.

However, have you tried deleting these alarms completely, then setting them back up? And I wouldn’t use the radio station links from your ‘favorites’, but instead search them out from the appropriate service provider. Just as a test. The other suggestion I’ve seen recently is to move them slightly, so one kicks off at 6:58, and the other at 7:01, to see if they still get ‘confused’. 

Thanks @Airgetlam I appreciate your response. I’d hoped Sonos Support would chime in 😂

I’ll give your suggestion a try! Will post back here for others if it works

And call Sonos Support! As I said, they don’t ‘live’ here, the only Sonos folks who do are the forum moderators. When they can, they jump on some of these, but you’re always better off talking to support directly.