SiriusXM channels not listing in latest Sonos App... sonos and sirius pointing fingers at each other...

  • 9 February 2024
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I spent 2 hours this morning with Sonos and SiriusXM trying to resolve an issue with how SiriusXM channels are displayed in the Sonos App. After the usual stuff (uninstalling, reinstalling, rebooting, etc...) Sonos ran a screen share and could clearly see that the Sirius channels are not being displayed properly. Sirius claims that this issue is on the Sonos end. To their credit, Sonos did temporarily log into their Sirius test account (via screenshare) within my Sonos app and their Sirius stations were displaying.

Sirius seems to think this is an issue with how Sonos is handling the channel lineup info being delivered to them from Sirius. Seems right to me although that doesnt fully explain why the Sonos test account worked but my account didnt. Anyway, after numerous call backs I got tired of helping two large companies solve problems that they should be able to do without irritating their customers are wasting our time.

Next step is to consider an alternative way to power my music at home. Not sure Sonos is worth the aggravation.


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51 replies

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I am having this same problem and it is VERY frustrating to not be able to use the SiriusXM channels that should be available through Sonos.  Please, someone at Sonos work with Sirius and get this fixed!

Same problem, also tried re-authorizing, deleting app, etc. but still only see Channel 1 Hits and Pandora, the rest are grey. Fortunately, I had favorited some stations before this latest Sonos update and I am still able to access those so SXM seems to be seeing my account is valid however I can’t see any of the other channels or on-demand shows. Frustrating.

What a pain!  Sirius install/uninstall  - same issue - only 2 channels available - the rest are greyed out.

Can play through siriusxm app and Airplay - but not ideal.


Just a quick check in. Has anyone seen resolution to this issue? I see an app update is coming. I guess that could fix things but wishful thinking possibly….


As stated many times, the SIriusXM content displayed by the Sonos app is controlled by SiriusXM, not Sonos.  Any fix will come from SiriusXM, not Sonos, so a new app cannot do a thing. 

I was going to suggest that was the case, but I decided not to since I really am not an ‘expert’ on this stuff. But it’s true -- when I set up SiriusXM as a service on Sonos, I’m asked to authorize my SiriusXM account. And to do that I have to log in to SiriusXM -- directly, not via the app. The app does not participate in the process. It’s after that login that whatever information interchange is required must be occurring. And failing, because apparently SiriusXM is passing information that doesn’t conform to SMAPI.


It’s quite obvious what has happened, because it has happened before.  SiriusXM made some changes in order to release their completely new version of the app.  These changes broke some stuff in the SiriusXM implementation of their SMAPI server, and SMAPI being a secondary concern to the main SiriusXM app, SiriusXM hasn’t gotten around to fixing it yet.

This used to happen every time SiriusXM made a change to their encryption, which was often done in the early days.  The app would work fine, and Sonos would be busted for days until enough people complained at SiriusXM to get it fixed.  I was on the phone with them each time back then, explaining what Sonos was, why it was broken, and what they had to do to get it fixed.  Support had no clue, Sonos wasn’t even on their radar.


I don’t know if that was the case before this latest SiriusXM update -- I never had to use the Sonos search functionality. But to me it reinforces the point that either SiriusXM is passing incorrectly coded intomation to Sonos, or Sonos is incorrectly parsing the information that SiriusXM is passing, or both.



Sonos doesn’t parse anything, it displays search results as they are given by the content provider.

Just set up a new Sonos system, new account.  Added SiriusXM service.  No channels listed.  

My old system had SiriusXM working until it suddenly stopped, asked that I reauthorize.  That “succeeded” after a couple of failed attempts but had no channels authorized.  Additional attempts to reauthorize or remove/re-add SiriusXM had similar outcomes, either showed no channels or just the two default ones.  Other streaming services all worked and continue to do so.

Sonos blames SiriusXM.  I’m thinking Sonos are probably right since SiriusXM are the only ones with problems, and the old connection broke without any changes to the Sonos system or app (suggesting that a change in what SiriusXM sends to the Sonos broke things.)  

Will take this up with SiriusXM but I’m not optimistic based on what’s been posted here.



I texted SXM support and they escalated/promised me a callback.  That did happen and much to my surprise they all knew what Sonos was.  Second tier support stated as many have mentioned here--known issue, stay tuned.   So no news, but at least consistency.  We’ll see if they can get it fixed before everyone leaves SXM which is happening per their earnings call this week.

I think my solution is to cancel SiriusXM. I’ve been on the fence for a while and this is enough to push me over. I feel like their music selection is not the best. I get better listens out of my free pandora account. 

Same here as everyone above.   We have Sonos throughout the house and garage and I only have 3 stations.   Tried uninstalling....reinstalling.....reauthorzing....    On 3 devices too.  One Android and 2 Apple.   I'm quite annoyed.   If anyone has any luck PLEASE post!!!  

If you read the Sonos partners page, you’ll find that Sonos displays data sent to them through the SMAPI (Sonos Music Application Programming Interface) that is sent by the SiriusXM server, without any parsing. It’s up to the streaming company (SiriusXM) to send the appropriate data through SMAPI, which is why most (all?) streaming companies set up specific servers/endpoints for Sonos to get data from. 

To my knowledge, there has been no changes to the SMAPI, which all streaming companies use to communicate with your Sonos. This means the changes that SiriusXM have done on their servers has ‘broken’ the data being sent to your Sonos controllers, and SiriusXM needs to fix it. 

You’ll note that no other streaming company is experiencing this issue. 

The data doesn’t live on a Sonos server. 

I noticed this yesterday on my system and I did the same basic troubleshooting and stopped at calling them. I get Hits 1 and the Pandora station but everything else is grayed out.   I hope they fix it soon.  I’m in the Apple ecosystem so I think the easiest work around for me would be to airplay from the SiriusXM App to all speakers, or 1 and group the all in the others in the Sonos app.  

SiriusXM updated its app (7.4.0) not too long ago. They contacted me and asked if that resolved the problem. It did not.


That’s because SiriusXM’s app has almost nothing to do with the SiriusXM SMAPI implementation which interfaces with Sonos.  In my experience, SiriusXM support has no clue when it comes to these facts and just treats everything as if it were the SiriusXM app.

Since the problem manifests itself in the Sonos app, it is a Sonos problem to fix.   


Ahhh, no it isn’t.  The agreement between Sonos and the service providers is that they and they alone have control over what is displayed.  Sonos by design doesn’t change anything the service gives to them, so they couldn’t change it if they wanted to without violating the terms of the agreement.  

Now let me ask . . . Given these facts (which are spelled out in the Sonos SMAPI development rules), why would one be insistent on blaming Sonos if Sonos actually isn’t to blame?  It makes no sense. 

Personally, if I had a problem viewing SiriusXM content on my Sonos, and I went to the Sonos site to complain and was told several times, along with indisputable proof, that SiriusXM is the only one who can fix it, would I accept that and go to SiriusXM to complain?  Or would I double-down on blaming Sonos in some foolish face-saving gesture?  I think most would choose the former, which is why choosing the latter is a fascinating exercise in sociological behavior.  

If you are looking for foolishness, look in the mirror.

The Sonos app is failing to deliver content.  Specifically, it is greying out most channels, likely because it is failing some authorization step - channels that are not part of the subscription do the same.  

Now, at that point you could make the case that SXM is not providing the correct authorization info, BUT, the Alexa app when linked to Sonos has no problem not only authorizing the correct channels, but returning the correct error message when non-authorized content is attempted.  Therefore, the API works.


You couldn’t be more wrong if you were trying to be.  Sonos doesn’t use the SiriusXM API that Alexa uses, not even close.  Instead, Sonos has the music service code their own SMAPI interface that the service and the service alone is responsible for.  This allows Sonos to support over 120 music platforms, without having to code to 120 different APIs.  I highly suggest you read here, before you double down again on foolishness:


Also, we have a SMAPI developer in this very thread who will concur with my post, as he/she did on page one.  You aren’t going to win this one, friend. 

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Also, we have a SMAPI developer in this very thread who will concur with my post, as he/she did on page one.  You aren’t going to win this one, friend. 

LOL that’s me! Yeah this is totally on Sirius to fix. I’d show you the faulty XML they are delivering if I still had my working Sirius sub.

I wasn’t aware of the early history of their SMAPI service, but it makes total sense.

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I have the same issue and experienced exactly the same scenario as TA AB. Sonos support was excelllent. Sirius, not so much: The account rep to whom I spoke mumbled something about an upgrade scheduled to go in effect on February 10 that would fix the issue. It’s now February 11; no fix in sight.

The fact that the Sonos test account worked but mine did not tells me that there is something faulty about my account info that Sirius is passing to Sonos in the authorization process. Perhaps the Sirius ‘upgrade’ (if in fact it occurred) was intended to fix that -- if so, if failed.

And here’s some further evidence (albeit circumstantial) that the problem lies with Sirius. I sat in my car and requested a radio refresh from Sirius. I was actually listening to one of my Sirius preset channels -- but the refresh process said ‘it looks like’ I don’t have a valid Sirius account, and suggested that I subscribe. In actual fact, my account is fully paid.

I’ll be circling back to Sirius on this issue. I’m pretty sure the problem is on their end.

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Same for me regarding Sirius stations flagged as Favorites under My Sonos. Thank heaven for that much...

Just off the phone with support.. they had me remove the Sirius connection from Sonos, delete the Sonos app from my iPhone, reinstall the app, then reconnect Sirius in the app. It worked for me.



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I just realized that if you use the SEARCH bar looking for channels the channel will show up and not be grayed out.  However, this is quirky still as searching for YACH will bring up a selectable Yacht Rock Radio channel but searching for YACHT bring up said channel but still grayed out.  So this is a work around you can use.

I have the same problem. Sirius plays perfectly in the app on my phone, in my car, and streaming on my LG tv. On my Sonos, blocks of channels do not appear. For example, while channels 2 thru 29 are unavailable, channels 70 thru 79 are available. 

This is clearly a Sonos problem. Either they got a bad file from Sirius, or have a corrupt file on their server, or whatever, they should be able to figure it out. This isn't rocket science. 

I know someone who is having trouble on a home system that claims to support SIRIUS XM. The issue seems to be unresolvable by either company, yet SIRIUS XM plays in the car. There is no SONOS in that house. I place the blame on SIRIUS, but I have no proof.

Same issue here.  Happens on Android App and well as Mac desktop app.  Would really like a fix.

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I have the same problem. Sirius plays perfectly in the app on my phone, in my car, and streaming on my LG tv. On my Sonos, blocks of channels do not appear. For example, while channels 2 thru 29 are unavailable, channels 70 thru 79 are available. 

This is clearly a Sonos problem. Either they got a bad file from Sirius, or have a corrupt file on their server, or whatever, they should be able to figure it out. This isn't rocket science. 

This is clearly a Sirius problem. As soon as you click on that Sirius icon in the Sonos app, everything you see (or don’t see) is delivered (or not delivered) from the Sirius SMAPI server. If I still had a valid subscription I’d show you the XML and the url that it comes from.