Relisten app following the recent update

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So after this horrible update the artist list stops at J alphabetically? Anyone else use this and have this experience? Reaching the end of the line with Sonos 

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I’m having the same experience. Select View All to list all bands then scroll down and when you get to the middle of the J’s, it stops and displays “Something went wrong. Try again.” Trying again does not succeed.

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I don't even have a select view all on Android 

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Designed and developed by Stevie Wonder -pathetic 


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Can someone from Sonos please comment on when this will be fixed?

Inexcusable that this wasn’t tested. 



Just wanted to bump this thread.

Relisten still only scrolls artist A-J

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It's bulls***. First they took away browsing your own music, now the apps don't work right. Such a pos update, absolute trash to push this out to users


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Any update on this one ?!? 

Like the others I can't scroll down past the Js on Relisten !!


Go Dodos!

Worst update in history, it completely broke everything. Memorial Day weekend, great time to launch an update. Playing music through the amp in the pool area and it keeps moving it to the bedroom. Playlist doesn’t shuffle just keeps playing the same songs in the same shuffle sequence regardless of how many times you restart it. Put the app back to the previous version until your engineers are home listening on their own systems and confirm it’s working correctly! Everyone loved the product you had, this wasn’t necessary. I am playing music in the pool area now and it is showing my queue is empty so you can’t see what is playing.

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Now relisten doesn't work at all. Lol! What piece of * app * you Sonos just unacceptable 

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Now I just get an “unable to browse music” note when I try to browse ReListen (I use the Sonos 1 App becasue I have some Sonos Legacy products in my system). Is that a common problem? Will it get fixed?

I cannot use the Relisten At ALL on my Sonos. It is just a blank screen. Please help me.

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I can’t use Relisten at all

Latency on the phone app is absurd.

Constant dropouts I never had before and I have a top of the line Eros mesh net.

Everything about the latest update sucks. Juts delete and restore the old system, this blows.

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Yup, it's absolute dog *. Relisten works about 20% of the time and you still aren't scrolling past J. Imagine rolling this out to your users, just a huge f you to everyone that bought your expensive speakers 

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I can’t connect at all to Relisten on the new app. Just gives me an error or a blank screen

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The same here. Additionally, the app is slow to load on the phone,you can’t mute rooms on the app and there are latency issues I’ve never experienced before. The while thing is ten steps backwards

Hello Sonos??!!  Relisten is not working at all now after this app update.  Clearly this is an issue.  

A response to the community reporting it would be the right thing to do from a customer service snd product support standpoint!  As a big supporter and proponent of Sonos products, the lack of response on the so-called, company sanctioned “support forum”, is disappointing to say the least.   

Please respond.

Bob L 


I sat thru the tech support bot to get a support chat?

They are aware of the problem with ReListen. Unfortunately they gave no timeline for the fix

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I'd be surprised if they ever fix it. Prolly just say f u, find something else to listen to we don't gaf that you enjoy that particular platform

It’s unbelievable how bad the last update was. Everything is mostly unusable. UI is cryptic at best. When it does work, there is a 5 second delay before something like changing volume happens. Relisten is completely broken. I had it working about 20% of the time, and when it wouldn’t work at all tonight, I decided to try to remove and then add again. Big mistake. Now I can’t get it connected at all. 

I can’t believe I’ve invested all this money on building up a system with different zones and now nothing really works! The only thing that seems to work are the ads for new products Sonos is launching. 

Seriously, who thought to update the software right before Memorial Day weekend was a good idea? My family thinks I suck. Thanks Sonos.

Hey Moderator!

Instead of flagging all these posts can you please at least respond with an update or at least an acknowledgment of the problem with the Relisten app??  I’m not even asking for or expecting a response to all the comments about how this upgrade sucks in the worst possible way. But responding to an issue with breaking a music service that many people love and listen to every day should be a baseline customer service task that even Sonos should aspire to. Please be better. 

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Are they getting flagged? For what? Like, make the f'ing app work again this is weeks now

It would appear the issue with Relisten has been fixed …

Still only works from A to J on my end 

Still only works from A to J on my end 

I stand corrected … instead of not loading Relisten at all, it loads but the artist list does not load beyond J even if you click View All.  

Relisten plays through my phone but not through my sonos speaker,wtf?