Recent 15.1 update - Sonos Boost 'Updating' (looks like an app glitch)

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If you’ve just come across this thread, we no longer need further diagnostics or reports. Thank you

Before posting please read the thread ……


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Same issue. I have an Arc, Sub, and 2 SLs grouped for surround sound and they are stuck with “updating”. Has not effected the sound, but now I can’t configure the levels for the Sub and Surrounds. And I can’t turn them off and on as I regularly do depending on time of day or type of listening experience I’m looking for. Very annoying. 

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Me too! Boost updating.


Same issue here… 

Ran diagnostics - 2038771143

I have the same issue. @Sonos when can we expect a fix?


Hi @SarahN & @jamrod 

Thanks for trying that. If you don’t mind, please try the following:

  1. Sign out
  2. Force Close the app
  3. Reboot the Boost
  4. Open the app
  5. Sign in

Thanks again!

this didn’t work for me either 

Nope. Didn't work.

@sonos when can we expect a proper fix?

I am very disappointed, after a strange update of the Boost component that never ended, the system stopped working, I reset all my speakers but now I can't get them to work anymore

This update is so failed. I would ask once again. When will this be fixed?

Just a quick note that I have run the update with a Boost in my set up and it has all gone through in under 5 minutes. I had to run it a second time to get it on my Roam. But now all completed ok.

Same Problem Diagnostic 1000174364


Hi @SarahN@Blaubaer82275 & @jamrod 

Thanks for flagging this issue. So we can investigate, could I please ask you all to submit a support diagnostic and reply here with the numbers given? Thanks.


Diag. No. 530665805


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I updated to 15.1 on Saturday.  Intermittently seeing Boost Updating.   Else seems to work ok otherwise. Can provide diagnostic if needed

My Boost have also been ‘updating’ for a while, now…
Updated everything, logged out, rebooted (re-powered) Boost, logged in again. Usual IT stuff...
Boost still showing as ‘updating’.
Was this purchase just a scam - as in a fancy box with an LED (as my sound system still work fine)? 
Hope not - main purpose was to avoid interruptions while listening to sound.

iOS  @ iPone 13 Pro: 16.3.1 (DK)
Sonos App: 15.1 build 71138080 (automatic updates on)
Mac OS: Ventura 13.0 (@ MacBook Pro 16”, 2019)
Mac App (re-installed after failing update): 15.1 (S2) 

Update, FWIIW:
I reset the Boost (unplug power, press and hold infinity button, replug power (while still pressing infinity button) and wait for LED blinking). 
Then, released the infinity button.
The iPhone) App then found a Boost and I added it to the system.
Things seems fine for now.



now whole system cant be found and no voice assistant or music working. 

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Doesn’t seem like a huge deal for most. It’s annoying. But, gotta think an app update would remedy.  

Same issue.

Your confirmation number is: 1645731349.

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the hell sonos??? fix this *** ! my sub won’t connect i can’t get alexa to work. your products are too expensive for this crap. get off your santa barbara *** and get to work 


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There is an app update - 15.1.1, that I've just updated on my phone. Speakers don't have an update so let's see if this makes a difference 🙂

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Nope - blue dot by the Boost is still there ......

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Yep I have the same problems since 15.1 update. When I have all my speakers running through the house, music randomly stops and speakers just drop out and don’t play. I’m also unable to stop the music at times via the app as it can’t connect to network. Fix it Sonos and once it works, I’m turning off automatic updates. Too many issues over the last 2 years. Not a happy customer