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  • 16 December 2021
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Few days ago stopped streaming radio stations in Sonos App. Streaming the station over airplay works but not via Sonos app at all. 

5 replies

Any chance you’d be willing to share the particular radio station that isn’t working?

as suggested, you may submit a support request here


For my case none of the stations are not streaming over but in my case local radio Yle X. streaming over airplay works so the station works in, just not in Sonos app. And this station is only available via within Sonos app so needed to revert back to old fashion radio. 

If that’s the case, and you’ve tried a reboot of your router and your Sonos devices, I would recommend that you submit a system diagnostic within 10 minutes of trying to play a station on, and call Sonos Support to discuss it.

There may be information included in the diagnostic that will help Sonos pinpoint the issue and help you find a solution.

When you speak directly to the phone folks, they have tools at their disposal that will allow them to give you advice specific to your Sonos system and network.


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Search in Sonos app for YLEX.... it's available via mytuner radio