Problem Connect Amp 1 iPod connection : Spotify

  • 9 December 2021
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Hello Everyone,
Thanks for welcoming into community. I’m french guy living in Sri Lanka.
I’m using two Connect Amp1 with wifi.
My iPod is connected with RCA behind one of Connect Amp.
Until recently, music source selected to listen my Spotify playlists was through my iPod (see enclosed picture). Cause here in Sri Lanka datas for wifi are not unlimited and GB packages expensive, so I have downloaded all my Spotify playlists not to spend datas and it worked perfectly.
Recently, no sound is coming when iPod is selected as source in Spotify app.
Music only works using Sonos App. I have to select Bureau + Bureau 2 (my two Sonos amplifiers) on selected source on Spotify app on my iPod and then only works through Sonos App.
So I feel it’s using Spotify in a way i don’t know, and not my iPod Spotify playlists, cause my GB are spend much every day…
Any help would be grateful, Thanks !


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5 replies

hi @Araliya I think you did not upload the picture


Yes, sorry
By the way i send also some pictures from following trial :
I tried to select Local Source on Sonos App (name is Audio Component) / Listen
Music coming out, apparently from ipod source, but volume very weak, even full sound is low.
I changed RCA cable (in case of) Same issue.
On SONOS App, Audio Component name is BUREAU (cause RCA cable is plug into this Amp named BUREAU )
On Spotify App it displays “Listening on this iPod” but with full sound, it’s just so weak.



I had a Connect:AMP (actually I still have it but it is stored away waiting for an upgrade) and I recall it did not support AirPlay, hence I had a  Philips AEA2700 Bluetooth® HiFi-adapter connected to the Line-In which worked very well. With this I was not relying on a Sonos App for streaming to the Connect:AMP. Since all your files are stored on your iPod, you could disable the wifi and check if you can still playback the tracks (which is one of the selling points of a Premium account).


Hi el Rubio,
Thanks for feedback
This Philips device is not available apparently now
The story is that after 5 years, I had to change my two ConectAmps1 recently due to corrosion on wifi card - 95% humidity here, even with AC ;-)
A friend brought two new ConectAmp1 to me from France, cause these devices not available in Sri Lanka
What is weird is that with previous ConnectAmps1, it was working perfectly.
Maybe I could try to reset Amps ? In case I did something wrong in the install program, that does not match with outsourcing directly from iPod source.


hi @Araliya given the humidity, I would recommend the Move or a Roam, which are more most water resistant speakers - Are the Connect:AMPs new or refurbished? It could be that the input channel does not work well. Check maybe also the wiring to your speakers. 

On the Sonos App check if you have Hardware Volume Control enabled or not. Check also Volume Limit if it is set to 100% 

Besides all this, you may consider other BlueTooth adapters

Hope this helps.