pocketcasts and bbc podcasts no longer playing

  • 6 February 2024
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Is anyone having problems with Pocketcasts on Sonos S2? I subscribe to a good number of different podcasts which were all working fine, but since this morning all BBC podcasts no longer play. I get the familiar error ‘the connection to the pod casts was lost’


I have tried re-authorising the account, also deleting account and setting up again but this has made no difference,


The effected podcasts are available and working using Pocketcasts outwith Sonos.


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19 replies

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All of my PocketCast subscribed podcasts are working, except for three that come from the same provider. Appears to be a connectivity issue.


I am having exact same issue. Started yesterday and have been using it daily for over a year. Listening now to a non bbc podcast on Sonos

I have the same issue, specifically with bbc podcasts 

Have you contacted PocketCasts? 

Me too. Problem appeared several days ago. I downloaded an episode of one of the feeds to my local device (using Pocket casts) and was unable to play it using Sonos or any other media player. Windows 11 machine.

I have the same problem.

i’ve used Pocketcasts with Sonos to play BBC-originated podcasts for a few years.  Now they don’t play.  I can play them via the Pocketcasts app itself, on an iPad or iPhone, so it appears not to be an issue between Pocketcasts and the BBC.  I conclude that it’s an issue between Sonos and Pocketcasts.

What did PocketCasrs say when you contacted them?

I can’t contact them.  The support page directs me only to a knowledge base that doesn’t have anything about Sonos.  I’ve found no way of asking a question.

Odd. When I just looked up their support page using Google, they suggest emailing them, if you can’t use the support feature inside their app. They even have a link which pops up my email client. 

support@pocketcasts .com


Haven’t heard back though.

Thanks both.  I’ve emailed them.


I have the same problem, BBC Sounds podcasts from Pocket Casts will not play on Sonos. 

I have had a response back from pocket casts. “I have an inkling of what this might be. In the past, the BBC has placed access restrictions, so I wonder if that's what's happening here.
Rest assured, however, that we are already investigating this issue.”

So hopefully it will get resolved. 

I, too, have had that reply from Pocketcasts.

The same has been happening for me. Can't wait for this to get fixed!

I happened to check today and I am able to play bbc podcasts again. Not sure the fix if it was Sonos or Pocketcasts. 

Mine works, too. Thank you!


Working properly again. 😃

Working again for me. It was an issue within Pocketcasts according to their support..