Pandora network authorization and issues

I've been dealing with this issue for about a year. I continually have to reauthorize Pandora to work with sonos. Sometimes re-authorizing works, sometimes it doesn't. Error messages vary but "can't connect to Pandora" is common. Sometimes there is no error message, but when I push play on a Pandora station, simply nothing happens.


I've spoken to technical support three times so far. The only thing those people can tell me is that it's a Pandora "network issue." That's ***nonsense***. I can play Pandora from the app itself, I can play any other music service, including amazon, through the Sonos app. I can even play Pandora after we authorizing, or sometimes removing and re-adding the service. I talked to pandora, they stayed dead since it plays through my app, it's not their problem. That certainly makes sense. This is clearly an issue with Sonos and they are of no help whatsoever.


Has anyone else run into this frustrating issue?


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See this Pandora developer link…

Perhaps note the opening comment …"The majority of this is handled by the OAuth service of Pandora"

I would maybe return with that link in-hand to Pandora Support and then see what they then have to say about the matter.

I think the piece of data you may not be aware of is that Pandora uses a different server when feeding your Sonos than they do when you use the Pandora app. Sonos can play whatever the Pandora server sends them, but if that server is either not sending appropriate authorization data, or sending invalid or missing music data, your Sonos will appear ‘broken’. The same API is used by all streaming services. If there was an issue in that API, you would have the same issue on each music streamer, not just on Pandora. And It is your speakers that reach out to the Pandora server, they do not go to a Sonos server.