one sl constannttly shuts off...renaming speakers...WiFi questtion

  • 5 June 2023
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My system is Playbar and One SL connected to Smart TV with DirecTV via ATT wifi


  1. Not long after connecting the OneSL I noticed it would drop out - quit producing sound - with some inactivity, for example, pausing the TV broadcast for a bit.  It will come back on when I go to the app but it won’t stay on constantly - very annoying
  2. I tried renaming the speakers. Of course they show up in the app as “Playbar” and “OneSL,” as they should, but I thought renaming them might help this issue. Probably should have left them alone.  How can I change them back?
  3. Last, I spoke with a SONOS rep some time ago (Ticket # xxxxxxxx) after I added/split my WiFi network between 5 gig and 2.4 gig. He suggested putting the Sonos system on the 2.4gig network in my ATT Smart Home app, which I thought I did.  Now it appears the Playbar is on the 5gig and the OneSL is on the 2.4gig.  Really not sure at this point.  The speakers work ok, except for issue #1, but I would like tto have them both on the same network. (You’re gonna tell me to reach out to the knuckleheads at ATT aren’t you?)

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1 reply

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Sonos speakers are designed to go into idle mode after a few minutes of not receiving an audio signal. If you want the Playbar and grouped One SL to play sound again, you need to unpause the TV.

In the Sonos app, make sure TV Autoplay is enabled and disable the Ungroup on Autoplay feature under the Playbar’s settings.