new app: sonos radio unable to "reauthorize", sonos favorites gone

  • 12 May 2024
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The new App is defective. For some reason, I get stuck in an endless “reauthorize” loop with Sonos Radio. After a day, the problem is still not fixed.


I have tried logging out and back on, I have unplugged and re-plugged the speakers as some other post here suggested, but to no avail. Sonos Radio is not working.


I had a similar problem with Apple Music, but after removing the service and adding it back, I got Apple Music to work in the end. The problem is that you cannot remove Sonos Radio.


I have spent at least 3 hours on this. I will certainly not ever purchase another Sonos device.


I also note that the “Sonos Favorites” showing in the iOS App are just as subset of the full list that I see in the Sonos App on my Mac. Somehow, more than half of my favorites have simply disappeared.


Sonos is just such an absurdly incompetent company. I tried contacting customer support, but I started out as being 32 in the queue but the number never went down. I gave up after 3 hours of waiting.

7 replies

I have the same problem as of today.

I have had exactly the same issue.

This new Sonos app is an utter disappointment. Someone at Sonos has really dropped the ball with this.

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I also have exactly the same problem since the app update, I cannot reauthorize my Sonos Radio account. 

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I also have exactly the same problem since the app update, I cannot reauthorize my Sonos Radio account. 

I finally got through to Sonos telephone support regarding this issue and after their tech person spent a fair amount of time trying to resolve the issue he admitted that this is a known problem with some users since the app update and I will have to wait for a new app update but they don’t know when it will be available………

Same here, worst part is after cycling through this auth/failed auth loop, it then does something to my device and it drops off the network. Needs to be physically turned off and on to be recognised again. Pretty big fail on this app, hope the update comes soon. Would have thought this is 101 regression and integration testing 

Same for me. Reauthorize Sonos Radio is an endless loop. Recently Played stations are all greyed out.  When I click on the few stations which looks active, results in “Something went wrong”. The Menu Music Library is mostly invisible.

NOTHING WORKS! Not a simple Radio station and not even my songs from my Network Library!

Shame on SONOS. I payed hundred of Francs for this useless product.

I have the same issue. I knew it would be trouble when it said the app is out of date.  I was an early adopter.  I have a Sonos One and two other older Sonos speakers. I had an issue immediately after the update a few days ago.  It seemed to resolve and I got my radio stations back.  Now, 3 days later, it is asking me to “Reauthorize” and I’m on the endless loop as reported above.

I fear they will make us buy new hardware.  If so, I will switch and never buy Sonos again.

Pay attention Sonos Execs!!