new app bugs

  • 11 May 2024
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This is just a bug report trying to raise awareness. 

Diagnostic code *********

-new app 50% of the time does not think I have any Sonos system connected. Need to force close the app and reload when this happens. 

-new app does not appear to work with at all. Had no issues in previous app. This is a huge issue for me.

-removed android widget/notification widget which was useful. Bring this back

-reduced ability to edit and add to queue freely, like adding a single podcast without switching to that podcasts feed after

-removed sleep timer and other useful features it seems. 


Sonos should consider this app a beta version and give people option to use this app or the old version. Failing that, we are all paying way too much to have this kind of forced regression. New UI is nice and more user friendly I think (not that I've been able to use it much with all the issues), but needs to be functional or there's no point. 


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1 reply

Within the last year I built a new home and spent thousands on a whole house sonos sound sytem.  I have four sonos amps powering built in speakers and two surround systems with Sonos ARC, Sonos Subs and Era 100 speakers.  When the new app downloaded it completly knocked out my surround systems.  It took me two days to get everything working again, including numerous factory resets.  Amps and music faired ok but app is very cumbersome and does not respond well especially in trying to change selections in pandora and apple music.  In a nutshell this app is garbage and now makes me wish I stayed with my old legacy systems.  Please tell me a fix is coming and how soon!