NAS Drive - Tracks play ok Music Library says Music Files Not Available when I try and update

  • 28 January 2022
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Hi there

I have a NAS drive where I store my music files which has been working fine for years with Sonos.

Recently when I add files to the NAS and thus want to Update the Music Library via the Desktop App I get a “Music Files not Found” error as if Sonos cannot see the drive or the path.

But Sonos CAN see the drive because it can play existing music files in the library. I can see the drive and contents via Windows Explorer on the same laptop as I am running the Sonos Desktop from.

Nothing has changed that I know of in the Sonos set up or firewall settings etc. I haven’t done any Firmware updates on the NAS drive and it’s not visible externally so I don’t think any external updates have happened automatically.

Sonos Controller and Sonos Music Library are showing on the list of Windows Allowed Apps with the Domain, Public & Private boxes all checked,

I tried removing and adding the drive via Sonos Settings - it cannot see it (although it CAN as it happily plays music from it!)

Any help gratefully received :)

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6 replies

First off, ignore your ability that you can see the drive. That’s actually irrelevant, because your OS is using a different method to “see” the files than the Sonos uses, since the Sonos is actually running Linux, and not either MacOS or Windows OS. 

Several helpful things to know would be

  1. What version of the Sonos controller are you running? Is it S1 or S2, and which version number of those are you running?
  2. What kind of NAS is it? 
  3. Many times NAS software/firmware can update without you doing anything, so don’t be mislead by that…..although if the Sonos can read older files, just not new ones, that begs these questions:
  1. Is it possible that the settings for how you’re ripping these files has changed in some way, and the files are no longer compatible with the Sonos ability to read them? Worth double checking the supported audio formats FAQ.
  2. It also makes me wonder if the new files are being stored in a different area than the older files, so when you re-set up the share, you’re not actually pointing to the new files, just the old ones. 

Never hurts to call Sonos Support directly to discuss it, since they have additional tools to look at diagnostics that might show some error data that you and I are unable to see. 

Does the Folders view of the Music library show the same path as Music Library Settings?

It’s possible that the Desktop controller is out to lunch. There is no harm in uninstalling and reinstalling the controller. If asked by the installer, make sure that you indicate you want to join an existing system, don’t setup a new system..


Hi there

Thanks for your replies, much appreciated.

I resolved this finally on a call with Sonos Support. They told me that Sonos has amped up security on NAS drives recently due to hacking…

The fix for me was to force the security protocol (NAS Drive is Buffalo Link

station 210D) to be set to SMB1; previously it was set to be able to choose between SMB1 & SMB2.


So that means you’re using S1, which is SMB v1 only. 

So that means you’re using S1, which is SMB v1 only. 


I don’t think so?

Each speaker shows as “Sonos OS: S2” when I check in Help; About My Sonos System



Sonos S2 allows the use of SMB v2 or SMB v3. If you had to lock it down to SMB v1, then there’s likely some other issue going on, likely on the NAS side. I’d try, at the least the setting with SMB v2 or SMB v3 only, and not a ‘also SMB v1’ setting, on the NAS. 

You can always revert to the current settings if needed, now that you know they work.