Music Library Updating, Please Wait - Adding SMB share

  • 3 February 2022
  • 2 replies

Hello good people. Have been toiling with an issue with my music library for way too long now and i need it sorted. I have two Sonos One’s and a Sub (all ethernet connected now) and I have my music library exposed through Samba/SMB shares by both a Raspberry Pi and as of today (for test purposes) an Ubuntu Desktop (just 4 albums).

Using the S2 controller app on a windows 10 desktop, it will happily accept the details of these shares, but it just sticks on the Updating Music Library, please wait spinning message, and the folders never appear (left it running overnight, good 12+hrs) before I went and setup the Ubuntu desktop and am getting the same result with that, with just the 4 albums on it.

Sonos chat team got me to try a few things which hasn’t made a difference so i guess i’ll be on the phone later in the week, unless one of you kind people have any thoughts/ideas?

My smb.conf file already contains ntlm auth = yes and server min protocol = NT1 (although i dont think they’re necessarily required now. Can also access these shares perfectly fine from my phone over wifi etc..

thanks in advance :)

2 replies

So i’ve gone ahead and submitted diagnostics - 1941010155, starting to think this may be the Sky router not coping…...we do have 35-40 devices connected to it…..

Ok, so I'm really at a loss now…..I had a new Sky Hub Router delivered today, all installed but no change whatsoever to this music library situation. The Sonos controller App on both Android phone and Win10 PC will happily see and let me add the SMB share but the library update just hangs and never finishes.

Seems to authenticate fine, as it complains if I enter username / password incorrectly. As soon as i triggered an update, i checked smbstatus and it shows no connections so it looks like it just isn't even starting to index…..

Calling Sonos is problematic as I’m generally working during the hours that’s possible….

I understand the library metadata is stored on one of my Sonos devices in non volatile memory so just powering these down overnight isn’t gonna fix anything if the actual index is somehow corrupted (which is my only current theory) - but I’m loathed to factory reset the devices as heard this has caused other issues for people in the past.

Anyone else have any bright ideas?