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I have done the required sonos app update (version 80.00.04-release+20240507.67.1145b) and can no longer see my NAS music.  I do not even see the option under Manage.  The help I read on line syas to go to Manage and select music library, but that option is not even available.    


This is using a android device

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They programmed NAS music functionality out of the new app.

I don’t think that’s correct, as I can see/play my local NAS library in the new Sonos App… an SMB v2 (or higher) indexed share is required, as publicised on the forum and elsewhere, prior to the update.

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I have found that the new Android app sometimes needs to be force-quit and restarted in order to display the various non-streaming sources (Line-in, Library, TV) under “Your Sources”. Try that and see if it comes back. You may well find the web app has it displayed already, look at

When you can access it you’ll find the navigation is degraded, there is no cover art, you can’t play individual tracks from albums and it’s all excluded from search. Fixing these things is not mentioned in any of the updates Sonos issues so I am very concerned they are silently discontinuing the feature but that’s speculation.

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I’ e lost my music library and have no option to add it.