Music Library and Mycloud home

  • 25 November 2022
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I have exactly the same problem as you, and also attempted to fix it by removing and re-adding the music folder in Sonos, to no avail.

I see that my MyCloud Home firmware is version 8.12.0-178, released on 14 Nov 2022 (which tallies with when it probably stopped working for me). The release notes talk about introducing “local network access” using the Samba (SMB) protocol, so I strongly suspect the current issue is something related to this. However, all the suggestions I have found regarding re-enabling SMBv1 don’t appear to apply the MyCloud Home since (as far as I am aware) we don’t have access to those device settings.

I’ll try and get a response from WD support as well, but please let us know if you find a solution. I can’t imagine we’re the only people using a MyCloud Home with Sonos in this way. Maybe we are!

Mines stopped working the Friday morning of that week and funnily enough the mycloud software updated on the Thursday so I am almost sure it's  to do with that 

And like you I can't  find a solution 

Please let me know if you do find one and I will too if I find one 


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The mycloud sonos service  is terrible 

I used thst when I first got the drive until I learnt about the publicity of doing it 

Yes I'm the same playlist will need redoing too

This happened to me too, two weeks ago, with MyCloudHome.  I also don’t know how to change the SMBv on it.  Does anyone know if there are other NAS drives which use SMB v1, and are easier to work with? Kindly, Chris

I looked at Synology, QNap and ASUSTOR and either could not find anything in the listed specs or did find references to SMBv2. I would assume, since SMBv1 was identified as allowing security holes, that most NAS devices these days would not support it.


I had no luck when speaking to WD. I have taken advantage of the Sonos upgrade program and ordered a new Port. Turned out to be cheaper than buying a new NAS.

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Are you using S1?

Yes still using S1 as some of my Sonos is old 

No idea why it just stopped seeing the folder on my NAS 


Hi All,

This happened to me as well. To my knowledge, My Cloud Home does not offer the option in its software to change the SMB settings. Switching to Sonos 2 using SMB 2 *should* work. I would appreciate if someone could confirm before I upgrade. 

Thanks to all!




Thank you Daryl, I have an open question with WD re any workarounds they know of, but I fear I will have to upgrade to Sonos 2 (alas, 6 components have to be replaced). So once we upgrade to Sonos 2, then for sure it will take the latest SMB version that the NAS drives are using? ;-)