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  • 15 June 2023
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Good morning all. Last night I installed the first 2 of what I expect to be many Sonos components in our new place, a beam and sub. I've been browsing the forums and I am happy to see such an active group. I'm sure there will be many questions across time I will have for you all.


I installed and set up the components and connected to my pandora account with no issues other than ones discussed here already.  The room sounds great. I installed the app on my wife's phone and it immediately found the system and hooked up using my login credentials. 

Here's the question. 

She has her own pandora account and will want that running when I'm not around.  Is the fix to this as simple as reinstalling the ap and having her create her own Sonos login to be able to set her own credentials to log into her pandora account or am I over thinking this?

We will be quickly adding a couple of amps with outdoor speakers, another sound bar on a second TV and speakers in a rec room along with satellites for the existing beam and sub. I want to get the multiple controllers sorted out and solid before I build in the rest of the hardware.


Thanks for the help.




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2 replies

There is only one Sonos login per Sonos system.  However, you can add as many music accounts as your wish, and use the drop down on the service name to choose the default for each controller.  See this link:

Use multiple accounts for the same music service


jgatie, thank you.

Seems straightforward enough.