Information scroll never updates

  • 23 January 2023
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Even after a re-install of the app. This applies to both the app on the iPhone and the PC app. Thanks for any thoughts.

EDIT: this only fails when listening to radio feeds. Works fine when playing my music library. IfI switch back to a radio feed, it shows the same title from weeks ago.


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3 replies

Can you be more specific? What information scroll are you talking about? A screen capture would help, too. 


In the Now Playing panel, see Information. That Haydn String Quartet has been moving across the screen since Haydn wrote it...or so it seems.


In my opinion this is a fault at WQXR. I’m seeing the same “Information” and I haven’t played WQXR since Haydn retired. I recommend taking this up with WQXR.