Incompatible with S2 but only have S1 and never upgraded!!!

  • 19 November 2022
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All my Sonos have lost connection bar a Play 5 - All others are saying not compatible with S2 Controller - I dont have an S2 controller and never have upgraded.  Is this the forcing you to change policy ?  I have looked and says re-connect using S1 - I have S1 and there is no option to add devices!!   aaaaaagh


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2 replies


If someone has upgraded any of your products to S2, accidentally, or otherwise, then see this link to restore the compatible device(s) to S1:

This will not be something that Sonos has done, as I have all the latest Sonos updates and my S1 system is working normally here.

Hope the above support link helps you to resolve the matter.

Is it possible that an “expert” child or friend updated the bar to S2? As a test, power down the bar.

The S1 controller uses a gray, not amber icon.