How to remove Sonos Devices from my iPhone Spotify App

  • 16 October 2022
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really annoying problem and I hope someone can help out… thanks in advance…

  • I play music via an Alexa routine in my kitchen Play5 each morning
  • some mornings I commute to London and want to listen to a podcast
  • When I open my Spotify app (on the train) I see “kitchen” as the device and the current music playing there
  • i want to leave that music playing but listen to a podcast on my phone
  • how do I do that?


  • if I select phone as the device then the music stops playing in the kitchen and plays on the phone. So my wife at home suddenly stops listening to music
  • if I switch to the podcast first then that comes through the kitchen and when I switch devices to my phone I am fine but, again, no music in the kitchen
  • i have a Spotify family account and Spotify on Sonos is using a different account to the one on my phone
  • i never control Sonos from the Spotify app so happy to completely disconnect Sonos devices from the app on my phone

amy help to this really annoying feature much appreciated. 



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Hi. This is all about features that Spotify allows. What you have written would apply to any Spotify Connect enabled speaker made by any manufacturer. You should really address your queries to Spotify. 

However, one workaround would be ro break the link between your phone and Spotify by playing another source on Kitchen just before you leave.

I'm a bit surprised that this feature of Spotify (maintaining a cloud link between Spotify and a speaker after the control device has left the network) rears its ugly head when using the Sonos app at home rather than the Spotify app but evidently it does. 

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You state: 

  • “i have a Spotify family account and Spotify on Sonos is using a different account to the one on my phone”

I am not an Alexa user, but on Google Assistant when I ask my Sonos to play something it uses the Spotify account I linked with Google assistant. If this works the same on Alexa, Sonos is using your account to play in the kitchen - the account you cannot also use to listen to a podcast at the same time. Would switching Spotify accounts on Alexa help?